We all need more Valentine’s Day speech therapy activities!  Valentine’s day is a fun, easy theme that you can use in speech therapy. By February, I am usually feeling the winter lull and a little “love” perks my spirits. There are TONS TPT Valentine’s Day speech therapy activities that will fit your caseloads needs.

Valentine's Day speech therapy activities

I asked all my TPT/blogger friends to help me out by sharing their Valentine’s day resources in their TPT stores.  I have categorized their free and paid products by target area, so it is easy shopping for you!!  Check out all the great resources I found for you!


Valentine Heart Challenge FREEBIE

Valentine Cupcake Game FREEBIE r-blends- Reading & speech therapy Grades 1st-8th

Sweet Cupcake Game for Articulation R & Vocalic R

Sweet Cupcake for Articulation L, s-blends, TH, SH, CH, S,Z

Sweet Cupcake Game R, S, L-blends

Multisyllabic Hearts

Bugs and Kisses Preschool Articulation Activities

Articulation Valentine Scratch off cards practice for F, K,G,L,S,SH

Action Articulation Valentine Themed Homework Sheets FREEBIE

Valentine Sock Monkey Articulation

Valentine Fortunes for Speech Therapy

Valentine Robots Prevocalic r and r-blends for Speech Therapy FREEBIE

Speech Therapy Sneaky Cupid Memory Game

Valentine Monster Articulation P, B, M

Valentine Multi-syllable Hearts

Valentine’s Day Articulation Bilablials

Puppy Love Quick Drill for Articulation or Fluency Therapy RTI

Valentine’s Day Quick Drill for Articulation or Fluency Therapy RTI

Save Ink: Valentine’s Day Themed Articulation L, R, S, TH, V

Be Mine for Phonological Processes CVCVC/CVCV

Bear-y Good Speech Articulation Practice Sheet R FREEBIE

Bear-y Good Speech Articulation Practice Sheets R, TH, S, S-blends

I Want Candy! for Articulation of R, S, Z, L, SH, CH, J

Valentine Friends Awesome Articulation Worksheets 720 words

Mystery Pictures for Speech & Language Valentine’s Day


You’ve Got Love Mail Language Pack Grades 2-5

Sweet Sucker Synonyms Match Up Grades 4-8

Sweet Homophones Leveled Freebie Grades 1st-5th

Valentine Prepositions Grades prek-2nd

Ultimate Figurative Language Pack for Upper Level Students Grades 6-12

Valentine’s Day Same and Different Prek-1st

Multiple Meaning Mail Grades 2nd-8th

Category Puzzles: A Fun Valentine’s Day Language Activity Grades prek-5th

What Goes Together Valentine Association Puzzles Grades prek-6th

Valentine Pencials: A Language Processing Pack Grades K-3rd

Valentine’s Day Glyphs Grades K-4th

Valentine’s Day Receptive Language Grades 2nd-5th

Valentine’s Day Expressive Language Grades 1st-5th

Hear it, See it, Say, Valentine Seek and Find Grades prek-6th

Valentine Craftivity: Speech is like a box of chocolates for older students Grades 4th-10th

Words from my heart: An exercise in kindness & using good descriptions FREEBIE Grades 1st-12th

I Heart Homophones Leveled Vocabulary for older students Grades 4-10th

Guess My Valentine & Your Heart is in the Right Place Barrier Game Grades 1st-5th

Interactive Vocabulary Books for Valentine’s Day Grades Prek-1st

Valentine Language Pack Grades K-5

Vocab. Bugs for Speech Therapy FREEBIE Grades 2nd-5th

Valentine’s Day Compare/Contrast Fun FREEBIE Grades 1st-4th

We All LOVE Language Valentine Language Packet Grades Prek-4th

Valentine’s Day Listening Fun Grades Prek-6th

Valentine’s Day Synonyms or Antonyms FREEBIE Grades 2nd-6th

Valentine’s Day Early Language File Folder Activities Grades Prek-1st

Figurative Language Valentine’s Day Grades 3rd-7th

Valentine’s Day Cute Cupcake Categories Divergent-Convergent Naming Grades prek-8th

Guess My Valentine and Your Heart is in the Right Place Barrier Game Grades 1st-5th

Hear it, See it, Say it Valentine Seek and Find Grades prek-6th

I Heart Homophones Leveled Vocabulary for Older Students Grades 5th-10th

Valentine’s Day Same and Different Grades prek-1st

Valentine BINGO Riddles Grades prek-4th

February Calendar Activities for Language Grades 1st-5th

What Am I? February Edition: A Describing Game Grades prek-5th

Sweet Treats Valentine Slam Grades prek-2nd

I Want Candy for Language including wh-questions and how questions Grades 1st-4th

Love Bugs Synonyms Grades 1st-3rd

Valentine Pairs: A Synonym Packet Grades 5th-12th

Lost Letters: A Valentines Day Inferencing Activity Grades Prek-1st

Valentine Fun Facts ePack NO PREP Interactive Grades 3rd-10th

February Holiday Themed Language Activities K-3rd

Heart Train of Multiple Meaning Words FREEBIE Grades 1st-6th

Auditory Memory Candy and Sweets Grades 1st-6th

Formulating Candy Questions Grades 1st-5th

Following Directions

Valentine Monster Following 123 Step Directions

Valentine’s Day Recipe FREEBIE


Valentine’s Day Verbalicious Cupcake Fun Grades 1-4

Pack of Pronouns: Winter & Valentine’s Day Edition FREEBIE Grades prek-2nd

Speech Therapy: Pronouns, Verbs & Prepositions for Valentine’s Day Grades Prek-1st

Parts of Speech Picture Cards: Valentine’s Day Freebie Grades 1st-5th

February Sentence Scramble Fun with Syntax Grades 3rd-8th

Valentine’s Day Pronouns HE, SHE, THEY, HIM, HER, HIS, THEIRS, THEM Grades prek-3rd

Valentine Complex Sentence Builder Grades 2nd-12th

Valentine’s Day Verb Match Grades Prek-5th

Speech & Language Bundles

You’ve Got Love Mail Mega Bundle (Categories, Grammar & Language)

Valentine’s Day Print N’ Go Speech and Language Activities Prek-4th

Valentine’s Day Speech & Language Bundle Grades Prek-3rd

February Homework Packet for Speech & Language Therapy Grades prek-8th

Broken Hearted Speech & Language Activities Grades 3-6th

Valentine Bundle: Speech & Language Ultimate Vday Bundle Grades Prek-6

Prek Valentine’s Day Speech, Language and Articulation Unit Grades prek-1st

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue- Idioms for Older Students Grades 7th-12th

Valentine’s Day Fun Pack for Speech/Language Therapy or Classroom Fun Grades prek-5th

Valentines NO PREP Speech Therapy Activities Grades K-5th

Social Skills

Pin the Conversation on the Heart Grades K-6th

Social Valentine Perspective Taking Grades 5th-12th

Valentine’s Day Pragmatics Grades 1st-5th

Words from my Heart: An Exercises in Kindness/Using Good Descriptions FREEBIE Grades 1st-12th

Social Language and Color Match Conversation Hearts Game FREEBIE Grades prek-1st

February Valentine Speech Therapy Bundle- Social Language Vocabulary Grades K-6th

Choose the Right Valentine: Critical Thinking Activity Grades 3-6th

Open Ended Games

Valentine’s Day Themed Open Ended FREEBIE games

Valentine Game Board FREEBIE

Valentine Candy Speech FREEBIE


Very Valentine Open Ended Game Boards and Activities Grades Prek-8th

Print N’ Play Valentine’s Day Grades Prek-6th

Book Companions

Love Monster: Speech & Language Book Companion Grades 1st-5th

There was an old lady who swallowed a rose Grades prek-2nd

There was an old lady who swallowed a rose book companion pack Grades Prek-1st

Happy Valentine’s Day Little Critter Book Companion Grades prek-2nd

Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch Book Companion Grades 2nd-6th

The Day It Rained Hearts Book Companion Grades prek-2nd

Love Splate Book Companion Grades 1st-3rd

The Night Before Valentine’s Day: A Book Companion for Language Grades K-3rd


Sweet Treat Craftivity FREEBIE

Somebody loves you Mr. Hatch FREEBIE craftivity

My Heart Loves (insert speech sound) to pieces FREEBIE craftivity

Valentine Craftivity Worksheets

LOVE Bug Valentine’s Day Craftivity

Valentine Craftivity: Speech is like a box of chocolate for older students Grades 4th-10th

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine gift tag for nail polish for co-workers & teachers

Valetine for co-workers & teachers: You is KIND, you is SMART, you is IMPORTANT

Read my lips Valentine for students, teachers and co-workers

Clip Art

Valentine’s Day Candy Heart Clip Art Set FREEBIE

Hope this post helped you out with therapy planning!  We would love to see your therapy in action on Instagram!

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