We all need more inspiring Valentine’s Day speech therapy activities to help us plan engaging speech therapy sessions! Valentine’s day is a fun, easy theme you can use in February. I feel lackluster with planning therapy by February, and you might also be in a creative funk. So, I put together the ultimate list of speech and language activities you can do with a Valentine’s Day theme!

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Valentine’s Day Books for Preschoolers to 5th Grade

If you are looking for speech therapy Valentine’s Day books to use with your literacy-based sessions, here are some of my recommendations:

You can find book cheat sheets, story maps, and book companions for Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch, Love Monster, and Day it Rained Hearts in the themed therapy SLP membership.

Valentine's Day speech therapy activities: List of the best books to use for the theme!

Have visual supports for story retelling and comprehension of the old lady who swallowed a rose to adapt for students needing additional cues and prompts.

Sweet Southern Speech also has some great Valentine’s Day book recommendations to use with your caseload.

Valentine’s Day Speech Therapy Craft Ideas

Valentine's day speech therapy activities using easy to prep crafts!

Having some easy-to-prep Valentine’s day crafts for speech therapy can make it easy to plan for mixed groups.

One of my FAVE crafts for Valentine’s Day is the free Love You to Pieces craft. It’s so easy to adapt to speech therapy goals and easy to prep!

For crafts to use with Love Monster or the Day it Rained Hearts, you can make some easy paper plate crafts to pair with those books. 

Use the free love bug craft with dot markers, mini erasers, magnetic chips, or markers. It pairs well with any goal!


If you use Valentine’s Day to focus on kindness, you can make these acts of kindness craft wallets in your sessions or co-teaching lessons. The template for these crafts is in the friendship-themed unit in the Themed Therapy SLP membership. In the Themed Therapy SLP membership, you also get NO PRINT visual support for the steps to make the crafts. 

Valentine's Day crafts for preschoolers to target a variety of speech and language goals

Valentines Day Speech Therapy Activities for Younger Students

One of the best ways to plan for your prek-2nd grade caseload is to have a variety of activities that you can adapt for different goals. Using Valentine’s Day sensory bins is one way to do this in your sessions. You can also see some of my sensory bins for a Valentine’s Day theme on Instagram

To work on teaching the vocabulary about Valentine’s Day, you can use the free describing posters and visual supports in this free material (click the pink button below.) You can target various grammar goals using Valentine’s day themed verbs.

Planning your push-in lessons is way easier with the station Valentine’s activities included, parent newsletter, Google Slides, lesson plan cheat sheets, and book recommendations. 

For more digital activities you can use in teletherapy, Speech Sprouts has a lot of ideas for a Valentine’s Day theme.

Valentine's day speech therapy activities for push-in or whole class lessons

Play Charades with Valentine’s Day Verbs Actions

One way to get movement in your therapy sessions is to play charades. You can do that with a Valentine’s Day theme using verb action words related to that holiday! Write down verb actions on strips of paper and put in a container. Students can pick out a verb to act out. Once the group guesses the verb action, everyone can practice using it in a sentence, giving synonyms/antonyms for the verb, or decide if it has their speech sound in the word.


Here are some examples:

  • Pass out cards
  • Give flowers
  • Write thoughtful messages
  • Bake cookies for a friend
  • Eat a heart lollipop
  • Laugh with friends
  • Deliver chocolates to a friend
  • Bring your teacher a card
  • Decorate a Valentine
Play Charades using this list of Valentine's Day verb action words.

Speech Therapy Valentine’s Day Activities for Older Students

Valentine's day speech therapy activities for older students

Finding engaging Valentine’s Day materials for older students can be tricky! This age group can be hard to please, but once you find something they approve of, you get them hooked coming to speech.

I use the Valentine’s Day free challenge activity to sneak in lots of practice with vocabulary and complex sentence practice. Because it has a game vibe to the activity, kids get into it. Hit the pink button to download the printable and Google Slide versions. 

You can use a TON of love and friendship idioms for figurative language goals in therapy. You can have an extensive list and heart match-ups in the friendship-themed unit in the Themed Therapy SLP membership

Another perspective-taking activity you can do is a Valentine’s Day cookie decorating lesson

To get more ideas for Valentine’s Day with upper elementary and middle school, from Pedi Speechie. You will love the pictures in the post!

Valentine’s Day Reading Passages

Reading passages for Valentine's Day speech therapy activities

When you use a theme-based approach, it’s crucial to use materials that focus on the vocabulary and concepts for that theme. An excellent way to get increased exposure to Valentine’s Day-themed language is using non-fiction reading passages.

The Themed Therapy SLP membership contains non-fiction passages for a friendship theme.

The other places you can look for great Valentine’s Day reading passages are Wonderopolis.org and Readworks.org.

Here is a list of Valentine’s Day comprehension passages that might work for your students:


YouTube Videos for Valentine’s Day Speech Therapy Activities

Managing a high caseload means no prep time. On those days when you need practical sessions that are under 5 minutes to prep, you gotta use these Valentine’s videos for your mixed groups. Science videos focusing on Valentine’s Day are great for sneaking in lots of speech and language practice. Mystery Doug is one of my favorites! You can sign up for a membership (it might still be free), including videos and easy science experiments. You can use these for your small groups, making great co-teaching lessons.


Here is a list of some great videos:


Valentine's day speech therapy activities using YouTube videos

You must check out the Valentine’s Day Simon’s Cat videos to work on perspective taking, story retelling, summarizing, and other speech and language goals. Plus, I have cheat sheets available in my TPT store for 6 Valentine’s day videos for easy mixed group planning. 

I like this video for some wordless shorts to use for this theme. In the friendship-themed unit in the themed therapy SLP membership, you get a Google Slide with links to songs, books, and videos for your Prek-5th caseload. 

Visual Cooking Recipes for Valentines

Valentine's day speech therapy activities using easy, simple cooking recipes

Incorporating cooking and preparing snacks can skyrocket your engagement in your sessions. Cooking can be especially effective when doing push-in with your self-contained classrooms. You can easily incorporate a themed book that pairs with the treat or snack. Check out the visual recipes from Live Love Speech. You can make this free Valentine’s Day S’mores treat, yum! They come with directions and all the necessary visuals to support speech and language goals.


Working with upper elementary students, you can also incorporate science cooking videos to explain how certain treats are made. Check out this list of videos that have a Valentine’s Day theme:


What Valentine’s Day Therapy Activities Do You Use with Your Caseload?

If you have a fun activity that you use with your elementary speech therapy caseload, share in the comments or tag me on social media @thedabblingspeechie
Valentine's day speech therapy activities for preschool and elementary aged students