Who wishes they could be the STAR on the hit show GLEE?  My hand just went up.  I love putting song lyrics to my emotions.  A lot of you SLP’s loved my 10 songs an SLP should sing at work blog post.  So, of course, I decided to write a new blog post with 10 MORE songs an SLP should sing at work.

songs an SLP should sing at work

10 More Songs An SLP Should Sing At Work

Picture me, center stage belting out these songs that I think an SLP should sing at work. In no particular order, here are some song suggestions that YOU (I dare ya to just start singing in the staff room), should sing at work.

1. All By Myself- Celine Dion

You can sing this hit song from Celine when you are stuck in a room waaaaaaayyyyyy far away from all the classrooms.

2. U Can’t Tough This- MC Hammer

This song would be perfect to belt out during the first few weeks of therapy when half your caseload needs a reminder to NOT touch your stuff! They will leave the speech room humming “You can’t touch this!”

3. When We Were Young- Adele

Please don’t take this one the wrong way! This song is for all those veteran SLP’s that are about to retire or thinking back to when they first started in the field.

4. Uncharted- Sara Bareilles

Most days we have plans for how the day will look, but often times, our job is very Uncharted. This is a great song a CFY supervisor can sing to their speech pathologist just started out!

5. You Don’t Own Me- Grace

This song is perfect for the SLP to sing when their administration is trying to make them stay for meetings outside of their contracted day!

6. Basket Case- Green Day


Anytime you feel like a basket case, it’s time to sing Green Day’s Basket Case.  Should I be concerned if I feel like a Basket Case on a weekly basis?

7. Ain’t It Fun- Paramore

Ain’t if fun being in the real world, lol?  This song is perfect for those days when you don’t want to “adult” anymore.  Sing away friends, sing away.

8. Work- Rihanna

Let me be honest here…..I have no idea what Rihanna is saying in this whole song except for the word “work, work, work, work”.  So, I suggest you look up the lyrics on google and sing this song anytime you have more than 5 IEP’s in a week.  You feel me, lol?

9. Not Ready To Make Nice- Dixie Chicks

You know that one time when that colleague or parent really, really rubbed you the wrong way?  You know the situation. Like that time you walked into a classroom when the teacher has the communication device sitting on the back table during the classroom situation. Well, that’s when you would sing your heart out to this song.

10. Stressed Out- Twenty One Pilots

This may just be the perfect song for SLP’s.  Sing this whenever you are stressed out. Period.  Weekly, daily, hourly.  This is the song for the days you are staring at a big giant pile of paperwork!

10 more songs to sing at work for the school SLP

What songs would you dazzle your co-workers with at work? I would love to know your suggestions!

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