Halloween season is the perfect time to pull out some crafts! Ghosts, Frankenstein, witches, candy corns, black cats and spiders all come to mind when I think about halloween crafts. I love seeing classrooms all decorated in festive decor!  It makes me want to get in on the fun. The key to finding Halloween crafts for speech therapy is to find templates that have a large empty space.  When you have extra space, you can glue articulation and language pictures to the craft!

Halloween crafts for speech therapy

When I incorporate crafts into my therapy plans, I try to find books, games and additional resources that might fit in the theme I have chosen.  It adds just a little more connection to “why” we are doing the craft.  I wanted to share some fun Halloween crafts that I have been using in my speech room (psst…..there are some FREE downloads).  I included some amazon affiliate links for your convenience.

Halloween Crafts For Speech & Language Therapy

Frankenstein craft

What kid wouldn’t LOVE a craft that shows someone’s brains!?  This craft is in my Halloween Craft pack. It has articulation and language stimulus targets, so you can use this with a lot of your caseload!  This would pair perfectly with the book Crankenstein! You just need paper fasteners, so you can lift the Frankenstein’s head up and down.Halloween crafts for speech therapy

Ghost Craft

How cute is this ghost craft!?  Read Ten Timid Ghosts or The Night Before Halloween and then use this fun craft to review Halloween vocabulary, work on /g/ or /s-blends.  This is FREE in my TPT store.

Halloween crafts for speech therapyJack O’ Lantern Craft

I love this Jack O’ Lantern craft.  I paired with the book The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything because there is a Jack O’ Lantern head in the story that says “boo boo”! When I prep crafts for my therapy groups, I usually cut out the template and then cut out the craft pieces.  I fold the paper 3 or 4 times and cut around the template, so I can get more template pieces in a quicker amount of time. You can grab this craft in my TPT store! (The Frankenstein & Jack O’ Lantern are in the same resource).
Halloween crafts for speech therapySpider craft

This spider craft is easy and you can get LOTS of practice in with student’s goals.  I just cut a circle for the head with black construction paper and cut 8 strips for the legs.  I pick a funny spider face from my craft template at the targets that I want to use from my Any Craft Companion Pack.  The student’s fold the strips of black paper back and forth to create the legs. Isn’t it cute? You could pair this craft with a non-fiction lesson to learn about spiders or you can read The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle.

Halloween crafts for speech therapy

Black Cat Craft

This black cat craft is great for adding speech and language words because it has a lot of open space.  I love bright color I chose for the full moon! You can download this craft template along with the spider and the scarecrow by clicking on the yellow button below.   Click Here to download the Halloween Crafts

Halloween crafts for speech therapy

Magical Cat & Pumpkin

This Halloween craft is in my Any Craft Companion.  What I love about it is you can do the craft with just the pumpkin template!  If you want to add the cut magical cat you can!  Simple or more complex, either way, it is a fun, festive craft.

Halloween crafts for speech therapyScarecrow Halloween Craft

Scarecrows can be associated with Fall, but I also think of scarecrows with spooky Halloween.  I love The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything and there is a scarecrow in that book that says “boo”. This craft has lots of space to add words that your students are practicing, which is great getting lots of repetitions! Click Here to download the Halloween CraftsHalloween crafts for speech therapy

I hope these Halloween crafts gave you a little inspiration for some fun therapy ideas! I like to do crafts 1-2x a month because it gives everyone a break from worksheets and allows me to engage in more conversation with my students.  Crafts can also be a way to progress monitor skills that I have already taught.  If you are on the fence about crafts, try my free download and see what happens!

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