Many SLPs have high caseloads and cover lots of different ages. It can be rough trying to keep it all straight. And when we have too many things to juggle as SLPs, it can increase our stress. Which, in turn, affects our productivity, mood, and all sorts of things. So, today I am sharing must-have SLP supplies to help you prepare for therapy and stay more organized. When you are more organized, you will use less stress and more positive energy focused on your students.

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Must Have SLP Supplies for Organization

10 Drawer Organizer Cart (Amazon affiliate link) – For this type B+ SLP, I like office supplies that let me shove, I mean–place my stuff, so my room looks more organized.


You can get a 10 Drawer Organizer Cart from Amazon, Michael’s, or Walmart. Sometimes Michael’s has a terrific deal on them. I like these rolling carts because they are lightweight (which means they are easy to transport when your room gets moved). Ten trays allow you to organize by group, treatment area, or types of “to do”s. For example, you could have a tray for “needs to laminate,” “need to cut out,” etc.


SLP Supplies to Keep Your Task Cards and Sentence Strips Together

Binder Rings (Amazon affiliate link) – These binder rings help me stay organized with visuals. I have a binder ring filled with visuals on my lanyard, so I have access to those visuals wherever I go on campus. I also like having binder rings to keep similar task cards, visuals, or activities in one place.


You can keep all your visuals and resources on binder rings. Then, you can hang them near your therapy desk on the wall with push pins or hooks, so you can quickly grab them. I noticed that when I had my materials near me, I remembered holding them when needed.

My Visual Sentence Starter Strips hang on the side of my cabinet with these amazing magnetic hooks. These hooks help organize my most used materials. You can quickly grab them on the spot or put them away quickly.  If you have metal cabinets in your room, I highly recommend them.


Must Have SLP Supplies To Save Trips to the Photocopier


Because so many of us SLPs have to hike to the photocopier, you can save time by making folders of graphic organizers in page protectors so you can bring them quickly around campus or pull out with any goal.

You can make plastic folders of activities by speech sound or skill area and put the worksheets in page protectors so you can reuse them.

You can also use page protectors for your most used worksheets and use dry-erase markers. I do this with my build-a-sentence and past tense verb grammar tracer worksheets.

I have also been using them with my first/then charts in my AAC starter kit and keeping them in a plastic file folder.


Speech Therapy Must-Haves for Speech Sound Disorders

Dry-erase markers are a BIG hit in my speech room. I discovered these ultra-fine dry-erase markers from my grad intern last spring. They have been game changers when using graphic organizers and my interactive articulation flipbooks. Try the L flipbook for free. Make sure to grab this FREE parts of speech graphic organizer. 


It would help if you started using digital tally counters with your speech sound sessions. These are amazing for getting kids to do more repetitions for articulation. You can also use them for collecting data during instruction. I originally learned about this tool from SLP Talk With Desiree and found that I love them! You can also use them to track dysfluencies, correct vs. incorrect responses (see Desiree’s post for her tips), count artic reps, and tracking on-task/off-task behaviors.

Check out this blog post for how to set up an articulation container to keep your materials in one spot!


Speech Therapy Office Supplies You Will Love!


Regarding supplies for prepping speech therapy materials, I highly recommend getting a paper cutter. It saves so much time!

And when it comes to laminating materials, I try only to laminate the visuals and activities I will use repeatedly. Otherwise, I print the paper and use it without laminating. Spending extra time prepping is not worth your time if you only use it for a small portion of your caseload. I love this brand for laminating sheets and will use white cardstock when I want the materials to be sturdier.

What SLP Supplies do you use every day in your speech room?

You can read my blog post HERE if you need more practical ways to organize your materials. What office supplies do you think SLPs need to rock the school year? Share in the comments. I would love to add more resources that help me stay organized and do a good job. When I feel organized, I know my sessions with students feel successful!