In episode #6, Real Talk SLP interviews Jenn Westmoreland from Crazy Speech World. We had a great discussion about how to deal with outrageously, big caseloads.

So many SLPs are faced with a large caseload. Many have asked administration for support. Some get the support and others are left to manage unruly caseload sizes.

Jenn provides a lot of practical tips for how to manage a large caseload. She also gives information about how to advocate for your workload and ways to lower your caseload sizes.

Both Felice and Jenn have managed caseloads with kids up to 90! Doing the daily grind for caseloads that high isn’t always pretty or perfect. But, they both give encouragement to let you know that you aren’t alone!

Jenn is the queen of themed therapy, crafts and knowing the BEST books to use in your therapy sessions. To stay connected with her, head over to her instagram @crazyspeechworld or check out her website www.crazyspeechworld.

If you are looking for materials to support literacy in your sessions or FUN activities to target articulation, language and social skills, head over to Jenn’s TPT store.

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As SLPs, we need to make sure we are taking care of ourselves. Working non-stop only makes admin think we are able to do our jobs in the amount of time given in our workday. Burnout is also quicker to creep in when we are working more and neglecting our own needs.

Here is a blog post by Jenn about Self Care for SLPS