Do you love using The Gingerbread Man story in your therapy sessions? It is great for teaching oral narration and language skills. Over the years, I have even found ways to incorporate social pragmatic skills with the story! Today, I wanted to share some gingerbread man speech therapy activities you can do with your students in December or January.

Gingerbread Man Books for Speech Therapy

Using the book The Gingerbread Man, you can work on oral narration and comprehension. Another way to build language is to compare and contrast different versions of The Gingerbread Man.

Here are some book versions that you can use in therapy (Amazon affiliate links included):



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The Gingerbread Man Speech Therapy Extension Activities

Plan an easy gingerbread man lesson plan using activities and ideas in this blog post!

After reading the story, you can work on word opposites such as hungry/full, fast/slow, go/stop, wet/dry, shallow/deep.

You can target the tier II vocabulary of chase, stream, and gobble as a group.

You can discuss kitchen utensils and things that people can bake. 

Review each picture in the story and work on grammar concepts while retelling the story.

Hide the gingerbread man around the room and ask the students, “Where did the gingerbread man run?” Give them inferencing clues for “where” while also incorporating spatial concepts.

Sequence the steps for making gingerbread man cookies.

Plan to read one Gingerbread man book for a week in therapy. Then, pick a different variation to use the following week. Compare and contrast the Gingerbread Man Stories based on characters, plot, etc.

Gingerbread Man Activities for Mixed Groups

You can use gingerbread man cookies to work on so many functional language skills. Have your students decorate gingerbread man cookies to work on CORE vocabulary, requesting, commenting and sequencing. I found these different sized cookie cutters, so we also worked on big, bigger, and biggest. Students working on articulation carryover can practice their speech sounds while explaining how they decorated their gingerbread man cookie.

Decorating gingerbread man cookies for someone else is a great way to work on perspective-taking, initiation of conversation, follow-up comments/questions, clarifying, and more!

When using a task card deck with your mixed groups, you can make the deck more engaging by planning the “Catch the gingerbread man” game. All you need are free gingerbread men and fox printables, paper clips, and a magnetic wand. Attach gingerbread men to most of the task cards. Put a few foxes under the cards. Then, students pick a card with the magnetic wand. If it has a gingerbread man, they get to keep it. If it has a fox, then they lose a card.

Have fun and engaging gingerbread man activities for preschool including this free printable for any flashcard set.

Gingerbread Man Brain Break Activities

For your students that need movement to help them stay engaged, I highly recommend these YouTube videos as fun brain breaks.

This allows your students a quick time to get their wiggles out while still moving their bodies to something related to The Gingerbread Man theme.

The second YouTube video puts some verbs from the story in song form which may help some of your students with learning that vocabulary.

I love incorporating YouTube videos into my whole class push-in lessons to break up the session. What YouTube videos do you like to use in therapy for a Gingerbread Man?


STEM Activities for a Gingerbread Man Theme

Get ideas for gingerbread man activities for your older speech therapy students

Incorporating science and STEM activities into your gingerbread man theme is a great way to adapt this theme for older students!

Older students love science and STEM, and there are many ways you can work on different language skills, such as problem-solving, vocabulary, making predictions, and summarizing.

Here are some ideas for STEM and science activities you can do for small groups or whole class lessons:


Gingerbread Song Videos to Use in Therapy

Many of my students struggle with sitting on the carpet for whole class lessons or at a table. So, after I do a book, or we do an activity, I mix up the session with a fun themed song. It’s great when the song has actions related to the theme. These songs show how to bake gingerbread man cookies. You can target verb actions while singing and dancing to the songs.

Visual Supports for Story Retell

To work on story retell using The Gingerbread Man, use file folder activities to help scaffold oral narration.

Some of your students may need step-by-step visual supports with what happened in the story. For SLPs doing teletherapy or using their iPad,  using the Boom Card version for The Gingerbread Man story retell can be an easy Gingerbread Man lesson plan.

You may have some students with complex communication needs and need additional supports to help them demonstrate their comprehension of the story. You can have your students match characters or story elements if they can’t verbally sequence the story.

For students working on increasing MLU, have them use the visual sentence frames to build sentences about “who” was chasing the gingerbread man.

Gingerbread Man Sensory Bin

Work on story retelling using visual supports in a sensory bin with these free printables! Not only can you work on The Gingerbread Man story retelling, but you can also cover comprehension, verb tense, vocabulary and more!

Gingerbread Man Activities for Body in the Group

The gingerbread man loves to be chased. And it seems to be quite hard to catch him. Planning a body in the group gingerbread man chase around campus can be a practical way for you to work on staying with a group and thinking about others. Plus, you can work on LOTS of other social pragmatic language skills as a whole class.

Google Slide Materials for The Gingerbread Man

If you are doing teletherapy, you can use this Gingerbread Man Google Slides™ included in the Gingerbread Man Push-In Language Lesson Plan guides to have all your book read alouds, brain breaks, videos, and digital materials organized so you can easily get to the activity you want to use. You can link to websites and other materials on the Google Slide as well. I will often add Boom Card links, YouTube videos, or websites that have fun gingerbread man games like ABCya

Gingerbread Man Push-In Lesson Plan Ideas

Use these gingerbread man therapy activities to make easy lesson plans for  your preschool and elementary students.

When I plan push-in lessons for my K-1 and 1-2 Special Day Classrooms, I like to read a storybook at the carpet and do a Google Slide presentation as a group.

Then, the class breaks up into three smaller group workstations. I plan three activities that align with the theme of the week and use the teacher and aides to help with running stations. You can setup your push-in lessons in a similar structure or figure out a different collaborative service model to use. 

At the stations, you can plan an easy craft, use the characters from the story to work on prepositions while playing “Simon says”, and a pretend play cookie baking station to work on language and social skills functionally.


If you need lesson plan guides that will help you implement small group and whole class lessons, my gingerbread man push-in guides has 3-5 small group activities, book suggestions, a letter to send home to parents, a Google Slide presentation and cheat sheet guides for the teacher aides. 

These are the activities you can do with a gingerbread man theme. What do you plan for your students? Share in the comments!