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As a school-based SLP, we have to assess and treat a wide range of speech and language disorders across many different ages. That is a tough job! It’s hard to stay up to date with best practices for treating all these areas especially when you haven’t had a lot of experience with specific treatment areas. So, when you get a student with a disorder that you aren’t as confident with treating, it can feel a bit overwhelming. In this episode, I talk all about how I pushed through treating a student with apraxia after not having a child with this type of disorder on my caseload (13 years in and this was my first case.) Even though I attended professional development over the years about apraxia, the information doesn’t really “stick” until you have a client/child to apply that knowledge into practice.

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This resource has everything you need to reference how to teach speech sound disorders and articulation deficits.

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In this episode, I share all about how I stopped feeling overwhelmed and started moving into that confidence SLP zone. And, I shared some resources that will help you build your skills so that you can serve your students well that have apraxia. Here is a training a mentioned in the podcast episode that is free:

Childhood Apraxia of Speech by Edythe Stand 

Other Trainings:

PROMPT Training

Resources for Apraxia Therapy:

Bjorem Speech Sound Cue Cards

Kaufman Treatment Praxia Kit

Facebook Groups that can answer your questions:

Pediatric SLP

Dabbling with Speech Fun

Preschool SLPs

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