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Real Talk SLP Podcast- 3 Ways to Use Google Apps to Manage Your Speech Caseload

Are you feeling like you only see your students “From a Distance”, as Bette Midler put it? Teaching virtually is definitely a challenge but… Never Fear! This week I will share 3 Google Apps that can be easily adapted to streamline lessons remotely or for in-person instruction.  These apps can help you collaborate with other teachers and parents, collect data, streamline paperwork, and organize digital materials. Even though we may be teaching from a distance, these apps will definitely make your life a little easier so you can focus more on your students!  

Blog Posts and Resources Mentioned in this Podcast Episode

in this episode:  You’ll hear

  • How you can collaborate with others using Google Docs. By creating an editable doc, you can share ideas, keep a running log of behaviors, and/or create a parent contact list.
  • How Google Forms can be used to collect data, progress monitoring, speech referrals and more.
  • How to use Google Slides to organize digital materials all in one place.

How to Use Google Slides YouTube:


How to Assign a Google Slide in Google Classroom:


Setting up Digital Speech Folders and how to link to websites, YouTube, and resources from your Google Drive:


Google App Resources to Use with Your Students in Speech Therapy

Create digital speech folders for your students working on articulation and/or phonology goals.

You can also use the digitals google slide templates to create task cards, digital language and social language folders, have behavior visuals, and customize game templates. Check it out HERE.

The digital speech folders also come with progress monitoring tools and Google Forms, so that you can informally assess progress on goals digitally.

The articulation and language screeners also come with Google Slides for the stimulus items, and Google Forms to collect the student’s responses digitally, so you can access them anywhere. 

All of the themed push-in language lesson plan guides come with a Google Slide presentation that can be used in teletherapy or on the SMARTboard during whole-class push-in lessons.

They include activities, YouTube video movement breaks, links to book read alouds, and YouTube videos related to the topic. You can check out all the language lesson plan guides HERE.

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