Hey SLPs….“Don’t Stop Believin”.  This week Rachel Madel shares how she is inspired by that iconic 80s song. “We have to start with the belief that kids are capable of making progress and learning how to communicate!” Rachel will give practical tips for AAC and Autism and advise on how SLPs can come together as a team to figure out what works!


in this episode: 

You’ll hear:

  • Troubleshooting tools for students. Finding different strategies that work for each individual student.
  • How to know if a child would benefit from an AAC device. 
  • Working on AAC in therapy sessions.
  • How SLPs with very heavy caseloads can support students with AAC. 
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Resources and Blog Posts Mentioned:

CORE words mastery: https://www.rachelmadel.com/blog/four-quickest-ways-to-core-word-mastery-part-ii

How to Use a CORE Board to Get Your Child Talking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-aam4LI3kc

Instagram LIVE Replay for virtual AAC therapy and assessment

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