When March hits, it reminds me of spring rainbows and pots of gold for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. If you are using weather or St. Patrick’s Day theme in March, adding in some easy to adapt St. Patrick’s Day paper crafts to your sessions will make planning therapy easier for you and kids motivated to work on goals! Today, I am going to share 3 Low Prep rainbow crafts you can use with your mixed groups. Amazon affiliate links are provided for your convenience.

Who doesn’t love seeing a rainbow on a clear sunny day after a BIG rain storm?

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Low Prep St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Craft

This rainbow craft template is perfect for your speech and language goals because everyone in your mixed group can use it, but have it tailored to their own goals.

For sturdy paper, I recommend using cardstock, but regular paper works well!

Here are some craft supplies you can use with this craft:

Ripped rainbow construction paper

Rainbow dot markers

Rainbow paint (use a paint tool of clothespins and cotton balls) or Tempera paint sticks

Rainbow stamps from Melissa and Doug or rainbow ink pad using fingerprints

Colored Markers

Grab it for FREE HERE.


Speech Therapy Materials You Can Pair With The Lucky Rainbow Craft


With this rainbow speech therapy craft, there are templates to cover speech or language goals. Just grab your favorite task cards, word lists, or pictures to use alongside the craft. 

For articulation and phonology goals, I pull out my articulation flipbooks. You can try the /L/ flipbook for FREE! For my students working on carrier phrases, I use these visual sentence strips (there is a No Print version included if you want to pull it up on your iPad.)

If you have students working on vocabulary or grammar, use any picture task cards such as these Education Nouns, Verbs, and Adjective Photo Learning Cards. When using a St. Patrick’s Day theme, you can use verb action cards that are related to the holiday. The St. Patrick’s Grammar and Vocabulary set have LOTS of grammar and vocabulary-related cards and sheets.

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Speech Therapy

Need some St. Patrick’s Day language activities for your therapy groups? Click the images below to have themed therapy activities to cover a wide range of language goals. 

Here are three simple St. Patrick's Day paper crafts for speech therapy using rainbows to celebrate the holiday! Make easy rainbow crafts in your speech sessions to increase engagement and practice on goals.

Rainbow Speech Therapy Craft 

When talking about how rainbows form in the sky, this rainbow speech therapy craft could be fun to pair with that lesson! Just use the cloud craft template from my Any Craft Companion Resource, and colored construction paper or rainbow streamers. 

You can also do this with a paper plate cut in half. Add some stretched-out cotton balls to make the cloud “fluffy” and add the streamers. Then, have students write or glue their speech words. Another option is to print pages from the Any Craft Companion Resource on rainbow-colored paper with your student speech or language sounds. 

While making this craft you can target following directions, CORE words for more, help, on, want, look, all done. When making the cotton ball clouds, work on the verbs “stretch,” and “pull.”

Here are three simple St. Patrick's Day paper crafts for speech therapy using rainbows to celebrate the holiday! Make easy rainbow crafts in your speech sessions to increase engagement and practice on goals.

Make a St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Craft as a Speech Therapy Material


This rainbow craft may just be something YOU make as a therapy prop for your rainbow or St. Patrick’s Day unit. It’s the perfect themed prop for working on basic concepts.

To read more about how to use this craft as a themed prop, head to this St. Patrick’s Day therapy idea blog post

If you need some more rainbow craft ideas for your elementary caseload, check out this craft idea from Speech Room News

What Rainbow Speech Therapy Crafts Do You Like to Use in Therapy?

Do you enjoy using a favorite St. Patrick’s Day paper craft with your mixed groups? I am always hunting for low-prep crafts that tie in with this theme. Share about it in the comments, or tag me on social media @thedabblingspeechie when you make a craft.

Some of the best speech therapy sessions happen when you pair a themed book and a craft. Check out this blog post from TLC Talk SLP for books, songs, videos, and activities.