While many will watch March Madness on TV this month, our therapy rooms may also start to feel like madness. Between IEP meetings, evaluations, treatment sessions, and more, the mayhem never ends. As always, themed therapy is here to help relieve some of this stress. I’ve rounded up all the March speech therapy themes for you! In the blog post, I share themes relevant to the time of the year and national holidays.

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One Thing to Remember with Theme-Based Therapy

Get ideas for March speech therapy activities you can use with your preschool and elementary caseload.

As SLPs with high caseloads, remember that you DON’T have to use a theme for only one week. Planning can be time-consuming when you constantly prepare for a new themed unit each week. You will lead yourself to burn out FAST switching materials each. We want to stay energized from lesson planning, so when you pick a theme, use the mindset that you will use this theme for 2-4 weeks of therapy. I talk all about that on the Real Talk SLP podcast episode 45. 

Check out the Themed Therapy SLP membership if you love using themes for your speech therapy caseload but struggle to find the time and energy to plan your lessons. The membership is for busy school-based SLPs who serve Prek-5th grade students and want to streamline their therapy planning process.

When you become an SLP themester, you can access three themed therapy units a month!

The March speech therapy themes include fairytales, weather and frogs. An annual membership gives you access to 36 themes, including penguins, baking, space, and arctic animals, to name a few!

Get themed therapy activities for frogs, weather and fairytales for speech therapy

SLP Themed Planner for the Year

Use my free-themed therapy yearly SLP planner to help you plan what themes you want to use for the year. It gives ideas for what to prepare and has an editable lesson plan template to keep notes on what you did with a theme. When you have notes for your themed units, it will jog your memory when you pull out your March speech therapy activities the following year. 

March Speech Therapy Themes on National Holidays

Get 10+ March themes for your speech therapy caseload!

March is full of national holidays- some super popular and others that are new to me! Here are some ideas:

  • March 14th: National Pi Day- Talk about math and pies with your students. 
  • March 17th: St. Patrick’s Day speech therapy is always so much fun!  You can always try a green theme, too!
  • March 19th: The first day of Spring– A new season always brings new vocabulary and topics to address with students. 
  • March is National Women’s History Month- Use books or articles from Wonderopolis or Readworks to learn about famous women. 
  • March is also National Reading Month- Use March speech therapy books to celebrate this!


Weather Themes To Do In the Month of March

With a new season comes new weather patterns to learn about with our students. As I mentioned before, this is one of the themes included in the Themed Therapy Membership. Here are some weather-based speech therapy themes:

Get ideas for planning a weather theme in the month of March for your speech therapy caseload.

Animal Speech Therapy Themes for March

Get 10+ March themes for speech therapy activities
  • Frogs: Talk about the life cycle of frogs, complete a frog craft and use 5 Green & Speckled Frogs with your little ones. This is also one of my March speech therapy themes included in the membership!
  • Bear theme: For those living in cooler places, bears emerge from hibernation in March. 
  • Zoo: The zoo speech therapy is always fun and filled with endless ideas with books, crafts, songs, games and play. 


More March Themes for Speech Therapy Lesson Planning

There are so many meaningful and fun national holidays that would make for great themes to plan in March! Here are some other alternative themes you can plan if you don’t want to rock St. Patrick’s day or rainbows all month.

  • Use a sensory bin during your sessions. I wrote about rainbow and St. Patrick’s Day sensory bins in my  March Sensory Bin Ideas post. 
  • Basketball: Use articles from Wonderopolis to learn about the inventor of basketball and March Madness. Grab a door basketball hoop and play with your students or play trash can basketball.  
  • Fairytales: The Themed Therapy SLP Membership includes this as a March speech therapy theme. There are books and ideas for all ages with this theme such as The Three Little Pigs, Princess and the Pea, and Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters
  • Nutrition: Use play food and learn about balanced meals. Talk about sizes, colors, and more about food. The ultimate theme smash would be using Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs to talk about food and weather.
  • Fitness/Movement: Get moving with Fabio’s Meatball Run or other action-packed videos.  
  • Sound Science: Use this free lesson plan to help prep you for your session or whole class lessons.
  • Here are 10 themes for older students that you can use any time of the year.
Get 10+ March themes to use with your preschool and elementary speech therapy caseload.

What theme-based units do you plan in March?

Get ideas for planning themed speech therapy units for the month of March!

Let me know in the comments what theme-based speech therapy lessons you plan for your elementary caseload. Tag me @themedtherapyslp with your themed activity, and I will share it in my stories!