I wanted to share three of my favorite low prep Valentine’s Day crafts for speech therapy! When February hits, you are tired–tired of planning and finding ways to engage your students. Am I right? One way I keep up engagement in my sessions is by switching things up occasionally. Crafts are one way I can do that! If you have a LOW prep craft that can be adapted for a LOT of different goals, you can keep planning simple. 

Learn about more Valentine’s Day speech therapy activities that will complement your crafts!

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Free Valentine’s Day Craft for Speech Therapy

For years I have been using this low prep free Valentine’s Day craft with my mixed groups. The Love You To Pieces can be used with any goal by writing speech or language targets on the heart. You can also use the articulation or language pictures to glue on the heart. I will often pair these types of crafts with my articulation activities flipbooks and sound-loaded carrier phrases from my visual sentence strips

Get this FREE Valentine's Day craft for  your speech therapy sessions.

If you need a preschool Valentine lesson plan, use this language lesson plan guide to take the stress of planning for your preschool and kindergarten caseload. These are designd for whole class lessons and can also be used in small groups. It makes planning for your K-2 groups easier!

Brittany said, “Loved the google slides, as always, to use on the smart board. my students loved the bingo, as well as the subject (pronoun)+ verb worksheets! I used my own Valentine’s day books with this packet, like The Day it Rained Hearts and Love Monster with my students from 12:1 K-2 class.”

Have an effective preschool Valentine lesson plan to cover a wide range of language goals

Ways to Use a Valentine’s Day Craft for Speech Therapy

Crafts can be worth the time to prep if you use them strategically in your sessions. Here are some ways you can use Valentine’s Day crafts for speech therapy to get the most bang for your buck:

  • Send them home as the homework assignment
  • Use as a bulletin board to reference every time you enter or leave the speech room as a warm-up or exit activity
  • Plan a co-teaching lesson using the craft as the activity for the day. Work on sequencing and have students initiate with staff and peers to show them their final craft products!
  • Find crafts that relate to the book you are reading or can be adapted for a LOT of different goals


Fun, low prep Valentine's day crafts for speech therapy groups with a free download!

How do you use crafts in speech therapy to target your students’ goals? Share in the comments!

Paper Plate Valentine’s Day Speech Therapy Crafts

Easy low prep craft to use with the book Love Monster.

I am a BIG fan of using paper plate crafts in therapy because it is so cost-effective, and I usually have all the supplies on hand. Here are two Valentine’s Day paper plate crafts:

Make a Love Monster with the following supplies:

paper plates

colored tissue paper

construction paper

You can write or glue your students’ speech or language targets on the back of the plate. Furthermore, students can practice following directions with prepositions and basic concepts while they create their Love Monsters. You can also use this craft to work on story retelling after reading the book, Love Monster by Rachel Bright. You can use my Any Craft Companion Set to have pictures for speech and language targets. 

Heart Friendship Wreath using the following supplies:

Paper plates


Colored Hearts from construction paper

This craft pairs well with a friendship-themed book or a Valentine’s Day book that talks about making something for a friend. The Day it Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond or Big Friends by Linda Sarah pairs well with this activity. You can also make a Day it Rained Hearts sensory bin for a future lesson plan.

You can have students write their speech sound targets, tier II vocabulary words, verb tenses, or love/friendship idioms on the hearts. When working on the concept of compliments or encouraging friends, you can have your students make a wreath for a friend. Have them label and discuss adjectives that describe their friends. Have them write compliments on the hearts of the peers they have in mind.

 Use these low prep Valentine’s Day crafts for your speech therapy sessions to target multiple goals. Increase engagement and cover your mixed groups with these fun Valentine’s Day crafts for your elementary caseload.

FREE Love Bug Craft for Any Speech Therapy Goal

Need a LOW prep Valentine’s Day craft that will keep little hands busy and minds engaged with their goals? Have students make this FREE Love Bug Craft with dot markers or paint, and use black markers to create a craft while you practice.

You can pull out your speech sound materials or sentence strips while working on a specific sound or pattern.

Another way to adapt this craft is to have students name items in a category or describe a noun by attributes. However many ideas they can name is how many dots they can put on their love bug. You can also do this when drawing the bug’s legs.

Free speech therapy crafts to use for Valentine's day

Need More Craft Ideas?

Learn about free prek Valentine's day crafts to use with your speech therapy caseload.

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