Hey Hey Hey SLPs! Have you ever found a themed prop that was the best deal ever? Totally cost-effective, it was exactly what you were looking for, and you got it for the best deal ever. Has that ever happened to you? And what do you do next? You go immediately to text or tell your SLP bestie, you need to get down here ASAP because there is a deal for you! SO today I am going to be talking about epic deals you can find at Dollar Tree to help increase engagement in your therapy sessions!



In this episode you’ll hear:

Dollar Tree Finds for therapy props that won’t break the bank!


  • Insect bug catcher, magnifying glass
  • Dog and Cat pet set
  • Doll House furniture
  • Baking pretend play items
If you get brain fog trying to remember targets for your student’s speech and language goals when you are using a toy in therapy, you need the toy companion cheat sheet guides

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 Adapting your toys and games to cover goals can be a great way to increase engagement while meaningfully make progress with the skills your student’s need to practice.

It’s a lot to juggle in a mixed group or with large caseloads. That’s why I wanted something that could help myself and other SLPs conserve brain energy so that by 3pm when the bell rings, I still had some brain cells left to finish that report that’s due the next day . 


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