Hey Hey Hey SLPs! Today we’re going to be talking about four things that could be missing from your articulation sessions. If you have students who really struggle with being motivated in your sessions or if you’re hitting some roadblocks with helping your students generalize their speech sounds into conversation and outside of the speech room, this episode is for you!
  In this episode you’ll hear:   The 4 things that could be missing from your articulation sessions  

  1. you may need to stay at the syllable level longer
  2. you’re not incorporating phonological awareness
  3. incorporating self-monitoring Into your session
  4. you’re not varying tasks to provide naturalistic opportunities to practice 
When it comes to planning by themes, you need all the cheat sheets for keeping track of words in the theme that have your student’s speech sounds.


It makes all the difference to have a cheat sheet to reference for sound-loaded words to target while reading a book, a passage or a play activity.


That’s why in the Themed Therapy SLP membership you get a speech sound word list for the theme as well as words broken up by speech sounds for the toy guide and book cheat sheets.


This helps you run a mixed group much easier knowing you have a resource to help you target all the goals. Sign up for the waitlist for the themed therapy SLP membership because the membership is re-opening summer 2022 and you don’t want to miss details!


Start asking your employer if they would support you this coming school year as we take purchase orders and have group rates.

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