During the summer,  you can have your speech therapy sessions outside to get some vitamin D. Plus, there are lots of great, easy water play speech therapy activities that keep kids engaged and cooled off from the hot sun. And if you are implementing a coaching model with parents or educators on the IEP team, doing water-themed speech therapy activities can be a great way to teach communication strategies. Kids are always entertained with water; in the summer, they are around water activities often! In this Real Talk SLP podcast episode, you will learn 3 Easy Water play speech therapy activities that will inspire your students to communicate!

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So many kids LOVE anything with water. And I have that on my brain because the July themes for the Themed Therapy SLP membership are ice cream and water activities.


If you are interested in having someone take lesson planning off your plate, check out the Themed Therapy SLP membership. You get access to a variety of digital and printable themed therapy materials to cover your Prek-5th grade caseload. Between book cheat sheets, speech sound word lists, task cards, themed vocabulary, and verb flashcards, along with a lot of great digital materials, you won’t run out of fresh ideas for your themes.

Join the Themed Therapy SLP Membership for Your Summer Speech Therapy Units


Here are the 3 water play activities you can use with your preschool through 3rd-grade caseload:

  • Water squirters can knock things down, such as plastic cups, bowling pins, or inflatables. Or, you can try to hit a target, or play tag and cooperative games.
  • Grab different-sized cars and vehicles, add soapy water, and throw in some sponges to have carwash. You can adapt this for a pet and farm-themed unit by having the animals get dirty and need a wash!
  • Teach the science about why some items sink and other items float using this YouTube video as an example. Then, let your students do the sink or float experiment with a tub, water, and items around your home. 

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