Whether you work in the school or private practice setting, many SLPs serve students with a speech sound disorder diagnosis. For many approaches for apraxia, articulation, and phonology, you need to get a high dose of trials in your sessions to see improvements in producing the correct sound in spontaneous speech. But let’s face it. Keeping students motivated to practice 100 trials for speech therapy sessions can be hard. Kids can get easily bored or frustrated with getting 100 trials or more in a session. So, this episode is here to help you learn about some new articulation therapy tools and materials to ensure you get 100 trials for your speech sessions every time!

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100 Trials Speech Therapy Materials Mentioned in the Episode:

  1. Abacus or DIY version to get 100 trials for speech sound goals
  2. Magnetic wand
  3. High number die – play the points game and set certain numbers as bonus points, or amounts the child loses, multiples, etc. Whoever has the most points at the end of the session wins.
  4. Challenge sheets and timer – use a piece of paper with a timer and count how many trials the child gets in a minute. Then, do it for another minute to see if they can beat their score. If you need articulation worksheets, check out the sentence challenge worksheets.
  5. Tally clickers – if you don’t want to hear clicking noises, get the digital set.
  6. Race to 100 game (free printable) or use the Race to 100 trials for speech games in the digital speech folders.
  7. Ultra fine dry-erase markers with any of your articulation therapy worksheets. Just place the page in a page protector and use it with the dry-erase markers. Students love using these articulation flipbooks. You can try the L articulation flipbook for free.

Easy to Implement Articulation Therapy Activities for 100 Trials


    1. Picture scenes – Do I spy hunts for their sound and then have your students practice their sound in words or sentences.
    2. Jar and pom pom balls
    3. Popsicle sticksZap it game, stickers, dots that’s how many you productions you do
    4. Dixie paper cups – build towers while you have students practice their speech sounds.
    5. Tiny decisions App – you can add your students speech sounds in words, and the spinner tells them which word they will practice next.
    6. Dot markers – use with crafts or on paper – draw their sound as a bubble letter, and then they dot mark it.
    7. Legos or blocks
    8. Cars and cardboard

What Articulation Therapy Activities Do You Plan?

Do you have any articulation therapy activities or tools that you use to help keep your students motivated to practice their speech sounds? Share your favorite tools and activities for 100 trials speech therapy sessions to help out other SLPs. Check out this system for how to keep your manipulatives and tools together in one spot with a speech sound container.

EP.100 One Hundred Trials for Speech Therapy - Tools You Need

by The Dabbling Speechie