Using YouTube videos in your speech therapy sessions can be a great way to increase engagement and help you plan quick, effective lessons. Because YouTube is one of my go-to speech therapy material resources, I like to find tools and tech tips to make finding and organizing my videos easier. Today in this Real Talk SLP podcast, I am sharing my top tips for using YouTube videos in speech therapy to help save you time and stress for using them in sessions.

Free Winter and Spring YouTube Video Google Slides

One of the best ways you can save time looking for themed YouTube videos is downloading the list I compiled for free! Storing your favorite winter and spring YouTube videos on Google Slides can help you stay organized for your teletherapy or in-person sessions.

Learn tech tips for using YouTube videos in speech therapy.

Themed Therapy SLP Membership Finds the YouTube Videos for You

Get the best tips for using YouTube videos for speech therapy

If you struggle with wanting to use YouTube videos because it takes SO much time trying to find videos that match the themed unit you are planning, you don’t have to waste any more time. In the Themed Therapy SLP membership, we provide Google Slides for Prek-1st, 2nd-3rd, and 4th-5th with links to YouTube videos for book read-alouds, songs, movement breaks, wordless shorts, science videos, and more! They are all organized like free spring and winter YouTube videos.

Tech Tips for SLPs On How To Use YouTube Videos

In this episode of the Real Talk SLP podcast we share these top tech tips:

  • Use tools such as or viewpure to block unwanted ads, comments, and suggested videos when showing YouTube videos to kids.
  • On the YouTube video you can create a clip of the video right from YouTube. You can also clip videos using Google Slides. When you embed a YouTube video on a Google Slide, you have the option to put a start and end play time. So, if you want to skip the introduction or avoid a section of a video, you can do that!
  • Make embedded questions and stimulus items directly on a YouTube video using EdPuzzle.
  • Control the speed of the YouTube video so that you can slow it down for students who need more processing time with the words or movements in the video.
  • Use Chrome Extensions like Webpaint to write directly on webpages and videos. So, if you want to visually cue a student for something to pay attention to while watching the video you can draw on it. Or, you can pause the video and draw on a specific portion of the video while discussing concepts. 
  • Create playlists of your favorite songs, books, wordless short videos, etc. for different treatment areas, themes or type of content to easily bring up again when you use with a new group or client. Plus, you can also search for public playlists and find videos quicker!
  • For SLPs wanting to send homework or modeling techniques to parents, you can timestamp your video in the description so that parents or students can quickly get to a section of the video that they may need to rewatch.
Get the top tips for using YouTube videos in speech therapy.

What tech tips do you have about using YouTube videos?

Learn all the best tips for using YouTube videos in speech therapy

If you have any tech tips for using YouTube videos in your speech therapy sessions, do share in the comments! Or, if you have a favorite channel you love to use in speech, let me know. For SLPs that have been following me a long time, you know I am a big fan of Simon Cat’s Videos.