This time of year speech rooms and classrooms are buzzing with excitement… for spring breaks, spring weather and just a few months from summer break. Not to be corny but, my speech room is also buzzing with the /z/ sound. In this post, I want to share with you some of my favorite speech therapy Z sound activities to help you plan effective high trial sessions!

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Speech Therapy Z Sound Resources for Elicitation

For my students who are starting at the first step, we’ll work on eliciting the /z/ sound isolation. Here are some of my favorite tools to do this:

Get ideas for s and z articulation activities for your speech therapy students.

Z Syllable and Word Speech Therapy Activities

Free syllable articulation practice sheet to work on Z sounds

When your students are reading to practice the /z/ sound in syllables and words, try some of these tips:

Z Words for Speech Therapy

As you continue practicing /z/ in all positions of words, check out some of these ideas:

  • Home Speech Home has another great word list for Z sound.
  • This free and Fun zoo articulation map from Harre SLP! 
  • Games help keep kids motivated and practicing their words. Try using games like Zingo or Honey Bee Tree. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, games don’t have to have the sound in the title to be helpful in articulation trials!
Get z word articulation practice activities for high trials.

Speech Therapy Crafts for the Z Sound

Z sound-loaded craft and task cards for high trial practice.

At any “stage” in Z sound speech therapy, crafts can be a helpful way to keep students engaged. Most students are motivated to create something of their own. After, students can store the craft in their speech folder or bring it home for more practice.

Z Articulation Sentence Worksheets & Activities

When students are ready to start working on the Z sound in sentences, there are plenty of activities you can do with them!

  • Make sound-loaded phrases with your students on paper that you can practice in the session and then take home for the weekly homework. 
    • For example, you can use the phrase “It is  ______.” Then, students think of different words. They don’t have to have an Z because the word your student will be working on is “is.” 
  • When using mixed groups, give them a category group to name items. Here are some more examples for sound loaded phrases:
    • Zoe/Zach has the ___. 
    • My present is a ____.
    • I choose the ___.
  • If you do a theme-based approach, you can do this activity but use the theme’s vocabulary. See this IG for more details
  • Compare and contrast similar nouns that contain the Z sound. For example, dogs and pigs or appetizers and dessert would be great Z words to compare. If you need pre-selected compare-and-contrast flashcards, check out the S and Z articulation carryover set

    Z Words Sentence Challenge Worksheets

    Z word level articulation activities for speech therapy
    • Play a sentence articulation challenge game that keeps the student motivated to practice high trials in a short amount of time. 
    • With your words lists, you and your students can create tongue twisters that they can practice. You can even have them illustrate their tongue twister to make a fun speech sound book. For example, you could use “Zoe the busy zebra zoomed through the desert to get her dessert,” or “Zeke the wizard buzzed through the blizzard on his broom to get his prize.”
    • You can make alliteration Z poems and then students can draw their poem. 
    • Play guessing games for secret words that only have the Z sound. Add in carrier phrases for people to use, like “Is it a ____ or is it not?” or “I will zip my lips until your answer is closer!”

    Z Sound Conversation Activities

    Last, but certainly not least, try these Z sound conversation activities.


    Z sound-loaded reading passages

    Sound-Loaded Conversation Activities for Z Articulation Practice

    Articulation carryover activities for the Z sound
    • Make sound loaded questions, or would you rather games.
      • For /z/ sound, I often will use “Which IS your favorite?” or “Which would you CHOOSE?”
    • Have students read the directions of a game, or read the cards while playing a game like Bubble Talk
    • Create a list of words that start with the Z sound (zoom, zone, xylophone, blizzard, desert, easy, cheese, nose, lose) then have students make silly sentences or create a story trying to get the sound-loaded words in the story.


    There are plenty of activities to use when working on the /z/ sound in speech therapy! What activities do you like to use for Z speech therapy? Share with us on social media!

    What Z Articulation Activities Do You Use in Speech Therapy?

    Do you have a favorite book, YouTube video, website, game or activity that gets lots of Z words for speech therapy practice? Share your favorite activities that helps you target the Z sound to get lots of trials. It’s always nice to hear what other SLPs are doing in their sessions!

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