When it comes to lesson planning for your mixed speech and language groups, using crafts can be super effective! But, I know some of you may be thinking, “I don’t do speech therapy crafts because it’s too much prep and mess.” Now, I definitely agree with you that crafts can distract from sessions if they have too many tedious steps, or don’t ensure enough practice on speech and language goals. But, these five speech therapy crafts that I am going to share in this episode are worth the prep! Because they are easy to adapt, can be sent home as homework, used as a therapy tool and something student’s can pull out to practice in future sessions.

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The Key To Choosing Crafts for Speech Therapy Sessions

When considering making a speech therapy craft in your session, you want to make sure the craft is easy to adapt for different ages and goals.

Low prep is a nice bonus.

As well as a craft that can then be used as a therapy material to work on articulation and language goals.

Can be re-used in your future sessions to review targets or skills.

Something that can be sent home as the homework for the week.

All the crafts shared in this episode can do all these things! That’s why they are worth the prep.

Get five speech therapy craft ideas that are worth the prep!

Articulation & Language Crafts Mentioned In This Episode

Get ideas for articulation crafts that you can use to get high trials.

Here are links to all the crafts mentioned in this episode:

Windsock craft

Jellyfish craft

Articulation Paper Plate Challenge Craft

Language Paper Plate Challenge Craft

Articulation Craft Wallets

Paddle Paper Plate Craft

The Any Craft Companion is mentioned to pair with these crafts.

There are themed crafts included in the Themed Therapy SLP membership with lesson plan ideas and step-by-step visuals for making that craft. The crafts included can be paired with books for the theme.

Additional Crafts For Speech Therapy That Are FUN!

When you are a crafty SLP, it’s hard to only recommend five crafts you should do. So, here are some other fun crafts that you can do with your students:

Rainbow Crafts

Pout Pout Fish Craft

Summer Crafts

Tall Tall Grass Craft

Learn about speech therapy crafts that are easy to adapt for your caseload.

What Crafts Do You Love to Make With Your Students?

Do you have a craft that you love to make with your speech therapy caseload? Let me know in the comments or reach out to me @thedabblingspeechie on social media to share easy, simple crafts you love that are effective and engaging for your students. 


Get ideas for articulation crafts that will get high trials and be speech homework.

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