April can bring plenty of fun themes to your therapy room. April speech therapy themes are a fun way to get through spring fever and discuss many different topics with your students! Besides the spring season, there are plenty of April holidays and celebrations like Deaf history, April fool’s day, national pet day and more! Want to find more ideas? Check out National Today.

In this blog post, I want to share themes that are relevant to this time of year as well as national holidays.

Free SLP Themed Therapy Planner

Use my free-themed therapy yearly SLP planner to help you plan what themes you want to use for the year. It gives you ideas for what to prepare and has an editable lesson plan template to keep notes on what you did with a theme. When you have notes for your themed units, it will job your memory when you pull out the January speech therapy activities the following year. Click the pink button to download. 

April Lesson Plan Themes Based On National Holidays

One of the easiest ways to come up with themes is by checking out the national holidays for the month. Of course, you can have an April’s fools day theme on April 1st, but there are LOTS of other ideas based on national holidays. For example, April 4th is International Carrot Day and that would be a great time to read Too Many Carrots, learn about how to grow carrots, why they are good for you to eat, or learn about recipes that use carrots. Some of other fun holidays in April that would make engaging themed units are as follows:


  • April 10th Farm Animals Day
  • April 11th Pet Day
  • April 15th Laundry Day (We have a chore unit in the Themed Therapy SLP membership with a laundry sensory bin)
  • April 17th Go Fly a Kite Day
  • April 22 National Jelly Bean Day (could learn all about how jelly beans were created)
  • April 23 National Picnic Day
  • April 28 National Superhero Day
Get ideas for April speech therapy themes for your caseload.

April Speech Therapy Themes Focusing on Spring

Get ideas for April preschool themes to use in your speech therapy sessions.

April is a great month to discuss all things Spring with your students. For many, this month is a time to say goodbye to winter weather and welcome rain, sun, and warmer weather. There are countless books, crafts, games, and activities for Spring. I summarize some of my ideas on Spring speech therapy to help you plan sessions for younger and older students. 


There can be so much to talk about in spring, so I’d recommend breaking it apart based on mini-themes like weather, animals, clothing and activities. Choose one mini-theme for whatever length of time you so choose! I’ll expand on some themes in this post.

Insects, Bees & Pollination Themes

April speech therapy is a fun time to talk about creepy crawly creatures as we start to see them more and more! There are so many fun books and sensory bin ideas for this theme! Make a ladybug sensory bin or follow this honeybee lesson plan. By the end of April, I always use my absolute favorite book, The  Very Hungry Caterpillar. Don’t forget about spiders, ants, and more when thinking about insects in your speech room!

Insect theme ideas for your speech therapy caseload.

Garden Themed Activities

Get ideas for your Aprils themes to use with your preschool and kindergarten speech therapy caseload.

Talking about creepy crawly bugs will get you and your students thinking about mud, dirt, growing plans and gardens! This is another fun theme that could even allow for some hands on learning! Learn about the Plant Life Cyle and make a flower garden sensory bin. Learn about flowers and plant life cycles using videos from Mystery Doug  or an article from Wonderopolis

Themed Therapy SLP Membership

The Themed Therapy SLP membership is for SLPs who love using themes for their speech therapy caseload but struggle to find the time and energy to plan their lessons. The membership is for busy school-based SLPs who serve Prek-5th grade students and want to streamline their therapy planning process.

When you become an SLP themester, you can access three themed therapy units a month!

The April speech therapy themes are chores, spring, and insects. An annual membership gives you access to 36 themes, including transportation, camping, ocean animals, sports, to name a few!

Around the House Themes

Besides outside of the house, there are plenty of “indoors” themes you can talk about in April. Celebrate pets on National Pet Day (April 11th) with pet themed speech therapy. Use a chores theme to celebrate “Spring Cleaning.” (This is one of my Aril pre-made plans in the membership!) April 1st starts “National Baking Week” with a baking or bread theme! 

Fun April speech therapy themes you can plan for your caseload.

Animal Themes Perfect for The Month of April

Get ideas for your April preschool and kindergarten lesson plans.

Last but certainly not least, Spring speech therapy calls for even more animals. Regardless of doing an Easter theme, you can talk about rabbits and carrots with your students. You can also talk about baby farm animals. Use this free chicken push-in lesson plan to start! Don’t forget about pond life. This is another great opportunity to tie in some science lessons from Peekaboo Kidz to learn about the frog’s life cycle. Plus we have a frog unit in the Themed Therapy SLP membership too.

Ideas for April Themes for Older Students

Planning relevant and motivating themes for older students can feel challenging. Find new ways to expand and/or share their background knowledge on Spring, animals, and more. You can also talk about a new topic with your students such as Autism Acceptance Month or a poetry theme. There are a lot of year-round themes perfect for older students that doesn’t matter what month you plan the lesson!

Let me know in the comments what theme-based speech therapy lessons you plan for your elementary caseload. Tag me @themedtherapyslp with your themed activity, and I will share it in my stories!

April themes for preschool and older speech therapy students.