Winter Snowball Fight Speech Therapy Reinforcer

Winter Snowball Fight Speech Therapy Reinforcer

Nothing is worse than a lackluster mixed group session. Am I right or am I right? When you start to plan a winter-themed unit, you always want to include a general open-ended game or reinforcer that you can use across groups. By having one main game or activity as an incentive, you don’t have to come up with new games every week. Today, I wanted to show you how to use this winter snowball fight activity as a speech therapy reinforcer. Better yet, there are some functional goals and CORE words you can target with it too!

What You Need for the Winter Snowball Fight Speech Therapy Reinforcer

To create your winter snowball fight activity, you need a few items. Hopefully, you have some or all of the supplies, so it won’t cost you much money. Here are some materials you need (Amazon affiliate links included):

-Container to hold the snowballs

Binder clips or photo holders

Cotton balls

FREE Elf and Yeti Printables

Download your FREE Elf and Yeti Snowball Fight Printables

Have a fun winter open-ended game for speech therapy using this FREE winter snowball fight reinforcer!

How to Play the Winter Snowball Fight in Speech

Have a fun winter open-ended game for speech therapy using this FREE winter snowball fight reinforcer!

Print the elves or yeti’s on cardstock and laminate for durability. Attach each printable to a binder clip or photo holder. Students can earn “snowballs” after each turn practicing their speech or language target. You can either give them a set amount each turn or they can roll a die to see how many they collect.

Then, when all the snowballs are collected, students can have a snowball fight trying to knock down the elves or yetis. You could set up two games and have students do elves versus yetis. See which team can knock down all their players first. Have each student take a turn to throw a snowball. 

To add another variation, you can write different numbers with dry-erase markers on the back of the cards. Have some cards that have unique numbers like subtract 10 points or double your points. When a student knocks down the player card, they get to see how many points they earned. The person with the most points at the end wins the game.  

Additional Goals to Target With This Open-Ended Game

Not only can you use this as an open-ended game for any goal, you can also adapt to cover students goals with a fun, hands on play activity. 

You can work on verbs, describing the yetis and elves, and answer simple “Who” questions.

Work on CORE words, turn-taking, or making a funny snowball fight story.

Download your FREE Elf and Yeti Snowball Fight Printables

There are so many fun ways to use this free winter snowball fight speech therapy reinforcer activity. Check it out on the blog!

How would you use this snowball fight to cover goals for your students on your caseload? Share in the comments your therapy ideas!

If you need a winter themed version of this, check out the winter language lesson plan guides for printables. 

Easy Ways to Adapt This Activity With Other Task Cards

If you have other printables, add them to the binder clips and have a snowball fight the last five minutes of the session. With your students working on speech sound disorder goals, put their target word flashcards on binder clips and knock them down. Whatever card falls, that’s the one they need to practice. See the winter sensory bin companion for some winter-themed printables to do this in your therapy sessions. 

Blog Post with MORE Winter-Themed Therapy Ideas

When planning by themes, it can get a bit overwhelming searching for activities you need. Fortunately for you, I have a LOT of blog posts about winter.

This is one of my fave seasons to use because there is so much theme smashing you can do between clothing, weather, transportation, and activities.

Check out these blog posts:

Ideas for Winter Crafts to Use in Speech

Winter Sequencing Short Stories for Speech Therapy

Winter Activities for Speech Therapy

Real Talk SLP Podcasts:

5 Winter-Themed Books for Mod-Severe Caseloads

Winter YouTube Videos for Older Students


Have a fun winter open-ended game for speech therapy using this FREE winter snowball fight reinforcer!
Ideas for Winter Crafts to Use in Speech

Ideas for Winter Crafts to Use in Speech

SLPs either love or hate crafts. They can be a LOT to prep and make a mess. But I would like to argue that easy, simple crafts can be just the activity you need to help increase engagement with a theme or working on functional communication. When planning co-teaching lessons, I will use a simple craft one to two times a month to help reinforce a concept from the book we used. Often times my students dig doing it and we have opportunities to talk about the craft after it’s completed. Today, I wanted to share some ideas for winter crafts that don’t take a long time to prep and can pair well with your winter theme unit.

Craft Materials to Have on Hand 

Easy ideas for winter crafts that don't require a lot of prep or high cost materials.

When thinking about ideas for winter crafts that you can use for therapy, it’s always best to have the craft supplies ready to go. Investing in a small stash can last you for many months, or even the whole year. Your staff prep room may also have most of the supplies, so it won’t be much of a cost from your wallet. Here is a list of craft materials you want to have handy (Amazon affiliate links included):

– String or yarn (Found at Dollar Tree)

Construction paper (Check your staff room)

Jumbo Popsicle Sticks

Colored pencils or markers

Tissue paper squares (you can find some at Dollar Tree too, just not as many colors)

Glue Sticks

Paint and Q-tips

Paper plates 

Ideas for Snowman Crafts

If you LOVE doing a snowman theme in January-February, you can do a snowman craft to pair with any book. This snowman craft template comes with different targets, so that you can use it with any mixed group. Do ONE craft with everyone, but have the targets tailored to your students speech or language goals.

Similarly, make a fun snowman paper plate craft. This can be great for a whole class lesson to work on functional communication. Or, you can do it with your elementary students and glue or write their speech targets on the back. I often print pages from the Any Craft Companion Resource. The trick is to select four pages and then print four to a page, so that they print on one page.

These ideas for winter crafts can be paired with story books to reinforce the character or vocabulary from the book.
This easy snowman paper plate craft is another idea for the winter season!

Grab this FREE visual support step-by-step craft resource for making a snowman craft on this blog post. 

Winter-Themed Paper Plate Crafts

Want more winter-themed paper plate ideas!? You can make a hibernating bear, a snow swirl, or a winter tree. These crafts would pair well with a hibernation theme or any snow-related book! If you want more paper plate craft ideas, check out these blog posts for crafts that use paper plates. They are packed with ideas for how to adapt and use for a variety of goals in therapy. I think paper plates are my MOST favorite craft supply. 

Check out this blog post filled with ideas for winter crafts that you can use in speech therapy for your winter-themed activities.
Check out this blog post filled with ideas for winter crafts that you can use in speech therapy for your winter-themed activities.
Check out this blog post filled with ideas for winter crafts that you can use in speech therapy for your winter-themed activities.

Ideas for Winter Crafts for Winter Clothing

If you need ideas for winter crafts to pair with your favorite winter books, check this post out for speech therapy!

Need ideas for winter crafts to use in speech therapy that has very little prep? Your OT therapists will love you for doing these winter clothing tissue papercrafts. Use your leftover tissue paper from holiday gifts and cut it into squares or use the link above in the craft material recommendations to get tissue paper squares in a variety of colors. Have students make requests for tissue paper, target CORE words for “more,” “again,” “help,” “I,” “turn,” and “all done.” These winter clothing crafts would pair perfectly with The Jacket I Wear in the Snow by Shirley Neitzel or The Mitten by Jan Brett. If you need a winter clothing template and CORE boards to pair with the craft, hit the images below to get the winter language lesson plan guides. You can also do this craft with paint and Q-tips. In case you didn’t know, I also have an entire blog post filled with lesson plan ideas for the book, “The Mitten.” Check it out HERE

Need ideas for winter crafts to use in speech therapy? Using easy to prep tissue paper crafts are great for fine motor and functional communication.
Have low prep winter crafts to use for speech therapy and whole class instruction.

Winter Themed Popsicle Stick Puppet Crafts

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Make winter crafts using popsicle sticks to make easy puppets

What ideas for winter crafts do you have for speech therapy?

Easy winter craft ideas to use in speech therapy sessions!

Do you have a fun and easy winter craft that you use for speech therapy? I am always looking for engaging crafts that can be used during co-teaching sessions.

Share your favorite winter craft in the comments below!

Looking for more winter ideas? Here are some blog posts that may help you plan engaging winter activities:

Winter Sequencing Short Stories Blog Post

Winter Activities for Speech Therapy

Sensory Bins for the Winter Season

Winter Sequencing Short Stories for Speech Therapy!

Winter Sequencing Short Stories for Speech Therapy!

When it comes to planning with a themed-based approach it can be time-consuming to find enough activities to cover all the language goals. That’s why using sequencing short stories can help you cover comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, inferencing, and narrative skills in one material. Today, I will be sharing some different winter sequencing short story activities you can use to cover your caseload. Hopefully, these ideas will help you increase exposure to winter-themed vocabulary and hit a lot of other language goals!

Research Discussing Story Comprehension and Sequencing

Ideas for winter seuqencing short stories to help you cover grammar, vocabulary, inferencing and comprehension in language therapy.

We want to know the best techniques and strategies to help a child understand a story. Are they comprehending what is being read to them?Event knowledge is an important part of story comprehension because it involves layers of language components such as vocabulary, grammar, working memory, inference, and background knowledge.

In this study, the researchers measured the preschooler’s event knowledge to see which measures were related to comprehension. They found that reenacting the story with props and telling the story in their own words was most beneficial. They found that sequencing the story did not have a high correlation with improved comprehension skills.

So, this tells us that when using short stories we need to embed story reenactment and tell the story in their own words. That doesn’t mean we can’t use sequencing pictures as a visual cue or embed practice with using transition words. It just tells us that using story sequencing in isolation isn’t going to give us the BIG impact we want with improved comprehension.

Plus, creating short stories with winter sequencing tasks can also be easy to create a reenactment of the story. For example, if you use a short story about building a snowman (Get Epic has some good ones) you can then have students reenact the story while making a playdough snowman.


Dempsey, L. (2021). Examining the validity of three methods of measuring pre-readers’ knowledge of storybook events. Child Language Teaching and Therapy. 

Winter Sequencing Short Stories

Use winter sequencing short stories to target vocabulary, comprehension, grammar and narrative skills in speech therapy.

What winter activities do your students have the opportunity to do? Pick a sequencing task that your students can relate like dressing for colder weather. Many students have experienced colder weather, so this sequencing task is familiar. And, if they live in a warmer climate, you can show them books or videos of what it’s like in these climates. By picking a sequencing task that they do in their daily life, your students have a context in which to learn the new vocabulary. Plus when a parent asks them to go get dressed for the snow, they will better understand the directions and vocabulary!

Once you pick your sequencing task, you can create a short story to go along with it. For example, you can create a short story using a YouTube video of children dressing for snow or use the winter sequencing short story set in my store.


Make a Sequencing Short Story with Real Photos

If you are able to take pictures of yourself or your students doing the winter sequencing activity, you can turn that into a short story. To make your short story, you can upload the images to a Google Slide or use one of these story creator apps. For example, you can make hot chocolate with your students during a small or whole class lesson. Take pictures of your students doing each step. Then, create a short story based on their language levels and use that for comprehension, retell, and vocabulary.

Hot Chocolate Sequencing Short Stories

Making hot chocolate can make for a great winter sequencing short story idea. There are easy ways to provide reenactment of the story using pretend play or sensory bins.

Plus, you can even make real hot chocolate while also talking about what happened in the short story. After making hot chocolate, students can tell what happened in their own words.

If you struggle with writing a hot chocolate short story, there are 3 and 4 picture sequencing short stories in this winter set.

The four picture sequencing short story has a more in-depth story and provides pictures to help cue students that need visuals.

Here are some short story ideas you can create using making hot chocolate:

-Mom making hot chocolate for kids after playing in the snow.

-Snuggling up on the couch to read books with a cup of hot chocolate.

-Making hot chocolate for a friend on a play date.

-Selling hot chocolate at an event.

-Spilling hot chocolate or making a mess in the kitchen.

To reenact a hot chocolate short story, you can use a sensory bin or kitchen items to pretend. See the pictures below for examples.

More Winter Sequencing Task Ideas to Create Short Stories

Make your own winter sequencing short stories to target a variety of language goals to improve comprehension while also building language, grammar, inferencing and background knowledge.

If you are trying to think of other winter sequencing tasks you can use to make short stories, here are some ideas:


  • Building a snowman
  • Getting ready for a snowball fight
  • Shoveling snow in the driveway
  • Building a fire in the fireplace
  • Hanging up your wet clothes after playing in the snow
  • Sledding, skiing down a slope, or snowboarding
  • Going ice fishing
  • Having an ice skating birthday party
  • Going snowshoeing
  • Scraping snow off your car to go to work/school
  • Walking home in the snow
  • Getting a Christmas Tree
  • Lighting a Menorah
  • Planning a New Year’s party
  • Wrapping a present
  • Baking cookies

Snow Day Short Stories for Speech Therapy

If you struggle with creating 4-5 word short stories, I have a set of Snow Day Short Stories that are NO PREP! This resource also includes leveled worksheets, so that you can use the same story with students at different language and comprehension levels. You can snag this resource HERE or click the images above.

Digital Sequencing Materials to Build Language

If you are needing more digital sequencing activities that have a focus on teaching tier II vocabulary and have extension activities, check out these sequencing Boom Cards™. There are sequencing activity sets for a winter theme. You can work on wrapping a present, building a snowman, baking cookies, or making hot chocolate. You can also grab a winter sequencing set for getting dressed for the snow and a snowball fight HERE.

Use winter sequencing tasks to build vocabulary, grammar and comprehension in speech therapy

What resources and materials do you use for winter short stories? I would love to know of any apps, books, or websites that have winter themed short stories. Share in the comments!

Ep. 66 Using Books With Preschoolers to Build Language

Hey Hey Hey SLPs! Today we have Dr. Tinita Kearney and we are gonna be talking about books! How to use books, build literacy, and reach goals for your preschool students.    

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How books can improve language
  • How SLPs can use books to help increase parent or teacher buy-in to use books in the home or classroom 
  • Tips for selecting an appropriate book for the preschool-age group

Sign up to be entered to win $500 during the 12 Days of Giving. The giveaway ends December 12th.

Sign up here:  

Book Reading Tips Shared by Tinita:

  1. Start with the cover and ask the child “What do they think the book is about?”
  2. Incorporate low pressure questions that allows the child to answer without being corrected if right or wrong.
  3. Be mindful for frustration levels. If the child is showing signs of frustration, give answer choices, or provide an easier question.
  4. Ask questions about the story every 1-2 pages of the story.

Tips for Picking a Book for Preschool-Aged Students

  1. Think about what interests your students have that make them inspired.
  2. Find a book that reflects the child’s daily life.
  3. Consider the child’s development level and modify the story text if needed.
  4. Look for books with vibrant pictures.
  5. Use books that expand your student’s understand about the world and other cultures. 

Where to find books:

  1. Your local library. Digitally check out books with Overdrive.
  3. YouTube – search book title read aloud
  5. has adapted book resources

Resources Mentioned in the episode:

  Lola Koala’s Travel Adventures:  

Keep in touch with Tinita:   Instagram: @dr.t_slp

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Winter Activities for Speech Therapy

Winter Activities for Speech Therapy

An easy and versatile theme to use for December-January is a winter theme! A winter theme is relevant to many of your student’s experiences especially if they live in an area where the weather changes. For all you Florida SLPs, you can still use a winter theme to build background knowledge about other parts of the world that do have cold, snowy weather. This will help them when making inferences from texts, watching movies, or when they see commercials about winter. Today, I am going to share a round-up of some of my favorite winter-themed activities so that you can plan your sessions stress-free. If there is one thing I can recommend when implementing a themed-based approach, is to use a theme longer than a week! Check out this Real Talk SLP podcast episode where I share why it can help both you and the students on your caseload. 

Winter-Themed Books for Speech Therapy

When I plan a themed unit that I want to adapt for my elementary caseload, I select books based on the age groups or interest levels. Listed below are some of my favorite winter-themed books to use in therapy (Amazon affiliate links included):

Prek-1st – The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats, Just a Snowman by Mercer Mayer, and Tracks in the Snow by Wong Herbert Yee

2nd-3rd – The Mitten by Jan Brett, The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett, and Snow Day by Lester L. Laminack

4th-5th- Immi’s Gift by Karin Littlewood, Lemonade for Winter by Emily Jenkins, and The Snowman by Raymond Briggs

Winter activities for speech therapy that you can use to plan for your Prek-5th grade caseload.

Videos for a Winter-Themed Unit

Winter activities for speech therapy that you can use to cover mixed groups!

When it comes to using videos for your winter-themed unit, you will always find stuff on YouTube. This blog post has all the best winter-themed songs, book read alouds, wordless shorts, etc. to with your winter activities. Check it out HERE (There is a free Google Slides with all the videos organized for you.)

Two of my favorite types of videos to use during winter season are America’s Funniest Home Videos and Simon’s Cat. This blog post links a couple of the winter funniest home videos. All the best Simon’s Cat videos are organized on that free Google Slide!

Because so many of our kids watch YouTube, using videos in therapy is really motivating for them. Plus, there are lots of winter non-fiction type videos that you can use to teach vocabulary, grammar, main idea, and comprehension. 

Winter Sensory Bins for Speech

The perfect addition to your winter activities for speech therapy are winter sensory bins! They can increase engagement and participation with goals.

Winter sensory bins can be great to pair with a winter-themed book as an extension activity. You can make a bin that is like a story retell bin such as with the book, “The Mitten.” You can check out the sensory bin that goes with that book in this blog post.

The main things you need for a great winter sensory bin is a snow filler such as fake snow, white Pom Pom balls, cotton balls, salt, sugar, or shredded white paper (Amazon affiliate links included for your convenience.)

Add in vocabulary printables to play “Can you find it?” to work on inferencing and receptive categories. Fill your bins with winter figurines such as penguins, or woodland animals preparing for winter. Check out the winter sensory bins below that are in my TPT store. You can find the winter sensory bin companion HERE and the “Can you Find it?” with winter vocabulary in my push-in unit.

Needing winter activities for speech therapy that are engaging? Try winter sensory bins to work on goals in mixed groups.
Needing winter activities for speech therapy that are engaging? Try winter sensory bins to work on goals in mixed groups.

Winter Activities for Speech Therapy Small Groups and Whole Class

When it comes to planning themed units, you want to use activities that are versatile for your whole class lessons and your small groups. It can be a lot of work to plan, so that’s why I created themed push-in units for SLPs that cover a wide range of skills and activities that can be used in both settings. Plus, this resource has lesson plan ideas, a parent newsletter, book recommendations, and cheat sheets to help you plan more efficiently. Watch this IG Reel to see how engaging your sessions can go!

If you are wanting winter activities ready to go like winter vocabulary BINGO, winter vocabulary sentence bin, winter verb playdough mats, and easy to prep crafts, then check this resource out HERE

Winter activities for your co-teaching sessions that will help you plan whole class lessons without the stress!

When implementing a winter theme it is great to have real photos of activities that happen during the season. This provides a context with which to associate vocabulary words and experiences. When we teach our student’s word associations related to winter, it helps build a depth of knowledge with those words. You can find free pictures on Pixabay and Unsplash. Type in winter activities, snowball fights, skiing, etc. to find photos. Not only can you work on winter vocabulary, you can also target social inferencing and perspective-taking. Plus, you can also use the photos to make predictions and problem-solve situations. If you need 20 real photos ready with inferencing questions and visual supports, check out this winter pictures inference task cards

Open-Ended Winter Activity Ideas 

One easy way to keep mixed groups engaged is to have a fun winter game ready to use throughout the session or as an incentive for the last five minutes. Print up kids dressed in winter clothing and attach to binder clips, or photo holders. Bring in cotton balls and have students earn “snowballs” to try to knock down the kids. If you need pictures for this game, these are included in the winter-themed language lesson plan guides. For ideas on how to increase trials with speech sound disorders, this blog post has winter ideas!

Have winter activities that are open-ended so you can reinforce any goal in speech therapy

What Types of Winter Activities Do You Love to Plan for Therapy?

What types of winter activities do you love to plan for your students? It’s always great to hear what other SLPs are doing to help support students’ language, especially when implementing a themed-based approach. Do you have a certain winter book you love to use? A favorite website that has winter vocabulary? Let me know in the comments if you find any cool winter materials or easy winter therapy ideas that you used year after year in the comments. 

Ep. 65 Therapy Ideas for Using a Gingerbread Man Theme

Ideas for a Gingerbread Man Theme

Hey Hey Hey SLPs! So it’s the month of December tomorrow and you have another three weeks until you get a nice long two-week winter break. In today’s episode, I will be talking about fun activities you can do with a gingerbread man theme. These are great for this time of year because they are low prep, simple, and fun for your students!



In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Books and activities to use with a gingerbread man theme

  • Games to play with a gingerbread man theme

  • A gingerbread man hunt activity 


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Ep. 64 5 Winter-Themed Books for Mod-Severe Caseloads

Hey Hey Hey SLPs! In this week’s episode, I will be talking about five winter theme books that you can use with your mod to severe caseload. These books can be used with students in early intervention, students in the self-contained classroom with communication needs, and in preschool. I will also talk about how I adapt books to support my students to meet them where they’re at with their proximal zone of development.




In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The Jacket I Wear in the Snow by Shirley Neitzel
  • Let it Snow by Maryann Cocca-Leffler
  • Red Sled by Lita Judge
  • Pancakes for Breakfast by Tomie DePaola
  • The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats


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Ep. 63 Winter YouTube Videos for Older Students

Hey Hey Hey SLPs! In this week’s episode, I will be talking about winter-themed, YouTube videos that you can use with your students. These videos are sure to keep your students engaged all the while having a good time practicing their goals. These are great for older students but can also be used with upper elementary-age students as well.



In this episode you’ll hear:


Free Winter YouTube Video Google Slides:


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Videos About Thanksgiving to Use in Speech Therapy

Videos About Thanksgiving to Use in Speech Therapy

If you are looking for some videos about Thanksgiving that you can use in your speech therapy sessions, I am going to share some in this blog post. It’s always a good idea to ask your students and talk with parents before discussing this holiday because some families do not celebrate Thanksgiving. Many of us celebrate this holiday with the mindset of gathering with family and friends sharing in thanksgiving and gratitude for the blessings in our lives. I know there is a complicated history surrounding this holiday for the indigenous community, so always consult your student’s families when using some of these videos.

If you are not wanting to use Thanksgiving videos, you can always use alternatives such as videos about gratitude, families gathering for dinner, or learning about turkeys. Here is a blog post about turkeys and ideas for therapy.

Thanksgiving Commercials For Speech

When working on social pragmatic goals to teach perspective taking, identifying non-verbal cues, and emotions/body language, commercials can really help with teaching these concepts. Plus, they are quick to watch and don’t require a TON of prep work. Here are some videos that I thought would work well for therapy:

This turkey commercial is about a woman who gets a phone call from someone encouraging them to forget the turkey and to go sh0pping for a sale. She ends the phone call with “Who is this?” Then, the commercial goes to the caller and it’s a turkey at a pay phone. You can use this to talk about the humor of the commercial, making inferences and perspective taking. 

In this video about Thanksgiving dinner, a woman keeps bringing out the dishes, and the people around the table cheer every time she comes in the room. You can discuss what she could be thinking when they cheer. At the end of the commercial, you discover that behind the door is a TV and everyone is watching a football game. 

To discuss how some families feel stressed about preparing a big Thanksgiving meal, you could watch this commercial from Oscar Mayer. There is one section of the clip where the wife points her knife at her husband, so if that is concerning, then this commercial may work for you. As a group, you can not only work on making inferences, discussing emotions, etc, but you can also discuss how you can help your own parents prepare the meal. Or, if they notice their parents stressed based on their tone of voice, body language or words and how they can respond to support their parents with preparing the meals. 



More Commercials You Can Use In Therapy

Check out these commercials if you need a quick video to show students how people prepare and celebrate Thanksgiving.

Wordless Short Videos for Thanksgiving

Simon’s Cat videos are the best for covering a LOT of goals. Check out my blog post HERE to see how to use them with your students. Here are two festive videos about Thanksgiving dinner. One is about the cat preparing to eat a bird as his feast. In “Fast Food,” Simon is enjoying his turkey dinner while his cat sneakily grabs his dinner when he isn’t looking. Click the pictures below to see those videos about Thanksgiving.

Use these videos about Thanksgiving to work on speech and language skills with minimal prep!
Use these videos about Thanksgiving to work on speech and language skills with minimal prep!

Funny Videos About Thanksgiving with Dogs

For those of you SLPs that have dog-loving students on your caseload, this video will definitely perk their interest! In this video, the dog cooks Thanksgiving dinner. Here are some skills you can target with this video:

  • verb actions
  • answering wh-questions
  • Naming food and kitchen supplies for categories
  • Working on emotions and what the dog could be thinking

This other video, “Will my Dog Steal The Thanksgiving Turkey,” is a great video to work on cause/effect, size of the problem, and what the reaction will be of their owners when they come home. 

Use these videos about Thanskgiving to cover a lot of speech and language goals in your therapy sessions.

Funny Turkey and Thanksgiving Fail Videos

For some reason, people in general love to see bloopers and fails. When we need some laughs in therapy, that’s when you want to pull up a funny turkey and Thanksgiving fails video. Make sure to preview them for any inappropriate language or images of things that may not be good for viewing at school.

What Videos About Thanksgiving Do You Use in Therapy?

What Thanksgiving videos do you use in therapy? I would LOVE to add to my list. Share in the comments. If you are needing winter videos to use in speech therapy, check out this BLOG POST. It has a FREE Google Slide with all the winter-themed videos organized for you. When things get busy, it is great to have some videos on hand that you can pull up with ease!

Snow Sensory Bin with Plow Trucks

Snow Sensory Bin with Plow Trucks

Raise your hand if you had some students on your caseload that LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cars and trucks!? Why not theme smash this winter to talk about winter weather and winter vehicles using this engaging snow sensory bin?

It’s really easy to setup and you can adapt it to target a LOT of different goals. Plus, your students will be so excited to ditch the worksheets and keep their hands busy while they plow the snow to reveal their speech or language target. Not only can you work on your students targets with the bin, you can also build language using verbs and vocabulary related to winter weather and transportation.

Items You Need For Your Sensory Bin

What I love about this snow sensory bin is that you may already have all of the items. If not, you can grab the list of items here or ask some of your families if they have extra toy trucks or want to donate white Pom Pom balls for speech.

-A container (any type will do, but for this bin, I like the shallow Sterlite containers from Target)

-White Pom Pom Balls (the balls in the pictures are .5 inches that I got on Amazon HERE, this is an Amazon affiliate link) HERE is the link to the 1 inch Pom Pom balls.

-Toy trucks for plowing the snow. You can get this set HERE on Amazon (affiliate link included) that are pull back, so you can reuse them for other fun activities for stop/go, races, etc.

-Picture targets to put on the bottom of the bin to have your students practice their speech or language targets. In the Themed Therapy SLP membership, there are themed verb and vocabulary cards featured in this bin. Get on the waitlist for when the membership opens up again in summer 2022 HERE.

-Put picture scenes or pages of pictures to have at the bottom of the bin. Switch out the pictures for your mixed groups by using the Any Craft Companion pictures.

Use this snow sensory bin to incorporate plow trucks and moving snow! They can push the snow away to reveal their speech and language targets.
Use this snow sensory bin to cover speech and language goals with your elementary students!

Sensory Bin Organization Tips

Use this snow sensory bin to cover a lot of speech therapy goals in your next session!

When I create sensory bins, I tend to keep 2 main container boxes and store the fillers and materials in bigger tubs. In the past, I was the queen of just shoving things in the bins or throwing them in a plastic gallon bag. Recently, I have started to use zipper pouches to keep the pieces organized. These 13 by 9-inch pouches (affiliate links included) are large enough to store printables and material pieces. 

Then, you can purchase smaller pouches to keep figurines, props, and manipulatives that you like to add to that bin. You can also store your filler to keep all the moving parts of the bin in one spot. Then, just toss it in your larger bin and switch out. For more ideas on how to make sensory bins, head to this BLOG POST. If you are looking for more ways to organize your theme-based materials, check out this post.

Use this snow sensory bin to have students plow the snow to reveal the pictures in your next speech therapy session!

How to Use the Snow Sensory Bin

Have students plow snow away with toy trucks to reveal their speech and language target using this snow sensory bin.

This bin is so versatile because you can interchange picture sheets to match your student’s targets. You can have students plow the snow away to reveal their target. Have them practice the word a certain number of times, use it in a sentence, describe it by attributes, or name other items in that category group.

Create sentence strips on a piece of paper such as, “The truck drove over ______” or “Push the snow off of ______.”

For students working on expanding communication functions, you can work on requesting more of an action, commenting, initiating, and answering wh-questions.

Target AAC CORE words for go, stop, look, all done, more, again, yes, no, here, there, turn, my

How would you use this sensory bin in therapy? Let me know in the comments!


Need More Winter Sensory Bin Ideas?

Having engaging sensory bins that go with your winter theme will help you plan extension activities for your mixed groups with ease! Here is a blog post with a sensory bin incorporating penguins! This BLOG POST shares different fillers that go well for a winter theme and ideas for working on winter vocabulary.

If you are looking for ready-to-go sensory bin printables, I recommend the Mitten Match-Up or the winter sensory bin companion in my TPT store. Just click the images below to grab these sets. 

Use this winter sensory bin to work on lots of different speech and language targets.
Use winter vocabulary to target a variety of speech and language concepts using this winter sensory bin for speech therapy

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