back to school speech therapy activitiesToday, I have TONS of back to school speech and language activities that I have found on TPT. When it is time to go back to school I have major issues with transitioning back to “adulting”…..I feel like that toddler that digs his heels in and yells “I don’t wanna go!!!” Transitioning from no alarm to that 5 am wake up call is rough stuff.

back to school speech and language activities

What always helps me to get more excited about back to school is spending some money!!  There is a HUGE round up of FREE & paid TPT resources.  They are all back to school speech and language activities that you would want at the start of the school year.

Back To School Speech Therapy Activities

Every resource listed is categorized by target area, so you can easily scroll through to areas that you are needing resources!  Each item has a clickable link, so it takes you directed to the item you will need.  This makes therapy planning so much easier.

Update: Since writing this post, I update links that are time sensitive, such as the calendars or planners. I also added some helpful blog posts that will help you at the start of the school year. For ideas on how to make your speech room pretty and functional, check out this post HERE.

Need tips for what to do those first weeks back? Head over to the blog for a FREE checklist, tips for streamlining your caseload organization and LOTS of forms (most are free). Want to make collecting speech referrals digital? Head to this blog post for a free google form.

Speech Therapy Bulletin Boards & Room Decor

Describe It -An Interactive Bulletin Board Activity

Social Skills Bulletin Board

SLP Inspirational Quote Posters

Student Speech Goal Display

Speech & Language Therapy Student Goal Display FREEBIE

Hollywood Themed Speech Room Decor

Articulation Word Wall

Speech & Language Speech Bubble Bulletin Board And Banners

Super Hero Speech Ladder & Classroom Decor

Back To School Speech Classroom Starter Kit

Speech Therapy “Good Speech & Language Therapy Posters II”

My First Week In Speech

My First Day Of Speech Poster (FREE)

Seasonal Idioms Bulletin Board Activities

Superhero Speech Room Decor

Classroom Management & Motivational Tools

Robots Behavior Management System Pack

Speech Violation Cards- A Fun FREE Speech Therapy Behavior Management Idea

Splish Splash Summer Themed Behavior Management Set

Speech Therapy Reminder Cards: A Monster Sized Reminder

Speech & Language Brag Tags

Speech & Language No Cost Classroom Rewards FREEBIE

Functional Communication Set FREE

Whooos in my class? Get To Know You Activity

Back to School 3 Games in 1

Speech Passes Excuse Students For Speech Without Interrupting The Class FREE

QR Code Rewards For Speech Therapy

20 Chip Challenge Back To School FREE

Magical Start To Speech

Super Start to Speech: Posters & Activities

Royal Start To Speech

Back To School & Fall Themed Open Ended Board Games

Speech & Language Brag Tags

Brag Tags For Educators

Speech & Language Screeners

Articulation & Language Screeners For Elementary

Back To School Speech & Language Screener

Kindergarten First Grade Quick Speech & Language Screening

Assessment & Progress Monitoring Tools

Articulation Carryover Activities for later developing sounds with progress monitoring data collection

Dual Language Learners “Cheat Sheet” Guide

Data Collection Sheets For SLPs

Speech & Language Preschool Probes Data Collection

SLP Progress Monitoring Tools BUNDLE

Curriculum Based Language Assessments For Grades K-5 Aligned With Standards

Sticky Note Progress Monitoring

Baseline Data For Language Skills

Articulation Progress Monitoring Kit


Back To School Craftivities & Activities

Back To School Welcome To Speech Craftivity FREE

Kick Off A Great Year In Speech: A Collection of Back To School Activities

Back To School Clips Prek-2nd grade

All About Me Activity

Back To School Monsters: Get To Know You Activity FREE

Back To School Three Bilingual All About Me Activities In English/Spanish

Back To School First Day In Speech Therapy Flap Book & Extras

Back To School Essential No Prep Activities

School Bus Safety Packet

Getting To Know You In Speech Therapy No Prep Print N’ Go

Back To School BINGO For Speech & Language Therapy

Back To School Interactive Books


Articulation Therapy Activities

Interactive Fall Fun Squirrels, Acorns & S-blends

Back To School Roll, Say, Color Articulation Fun

Back To School R, S, L Articulation Packet

Back To School Pencil Parade Phonology Packet

August Articulation Game Boards

August A Dab of Speech & Language

Teacher Friendly Easy Articulation Screener

Getting To Know You Articulation

Articulation Apples

August Apraxia On The Go

Schoolhouse Talk Articulation Worksheets 720 Words

Mystery Pictures For Speech & Language School

Glue It Phonological Processes NO PREP Speech Therapy

Dab A Sound Back 2 School Edition- Common Articulation Targets

School Articulation

August Interactive Articulation Notebook

Grammar & Language Therapy Activities

Back To School Grammar & Vocabulary Activities for Prek-2nd Grade

Back To School Grammar Challenge Cards FREE Lesson Grades 3-5

Back To School Grammar Challenge Cards Full Set For Grades 3-5

Back To School Push-In Language Lesson Plan Guide

Apple Pickin’ Parts of Speech

Sentence Builders & WH-Questions- School

Nonfiction Texts with English Language Arts Targets-Fall Edition

Apples Speech & Language Packet

Speech Therapy Pronouns Prepositions for Back to School

Wh-question Visual Supports

Back To School Have vs. Has Activity FREE

Back To School Speech, Language, Literacy Themed Unit

Common Core Aligned Kindergarten File Folder Games- Speaking & Listening

Back To School Daily Classroom Vocabulary People, Places, Things at School

Hear It, See It, Say It- Back To School Seek & Find

Language Logic School- Back To School Critical Thinking Activities

September Sentence Scramble Common Core Aligned

Print And Go Speech Seeks & Language Looks Reinforcers for Jul-Dec

Pass The Prize- Following Directions Game For Back To School

Back To School Bunch- Language Activities For Push In Speech & Language

Autumn Speech Vocabulary Games- Fall, Back To School, Halloween & Thanksgiving

Apple, Apple Speech Therapy Reader & Language Activities For Where Questions

Back To School Baseline Check-Irregular Plural Nouns & Past Tense Verbs

Back To School Baseline Check- Synonyms & Antonyms

Back To School Homophones & Homographs

Back To School Word Associations FREE

Back To School- School,Vocabulary Books, More For Special Education, Autism

Fall Inference Game

Building Readiness Language Literacy Skills For CCSS For Kindergarten

School Is Fun Level 1

School Is Fun Level 2

Fall Attributes Game Compare/Contrast Includes A Cariboo Option

Fall Speech-Language Literacy Activities

Back 2 School Speech & Language

And We’re Back! Back To School Following Directions FREEBIE

My Favorites Speech Therapy Activity BOARDS ADDED

And We’re Back! Back To School Language & Articulation Worksheets

Asking Questions-Getting To Know You

Back To School Scavenger Hunt & I Spy Games

Language Processing Goes Back To School

Back To School Following Complex Directions FREE

Unpack the bag- An Interactive Adaptive Book

Back 2 School NO Prep Language Pack

Ways To School- Interactive Book For Receptive & Expressive Language

August Interactive Language Notebook

Language Builders School Activity Scenes

People Places Things At School Cariboo Spin & Match

 Social Skills Resources For Back To School

Wow, Worry Or Wonder- A Social Language Packet For Moving Up To Middle School

Conversational Exchange Back To School Edition

Socially Smart School Expectations

Back To School Problem Solving For Middle/High School Students

Back To School Bundle Student Organizer & Executive Functioning Game

Back To School Conversation Starters and WH-Questions

Social Monsters Go To School

Book Companions With A Back To School Theme

If You Take A Mouse To School: Speech & Language Companion Pack

The Kissing Hand: Speech & Language Companion Pack

No Prep Dot Companion Pack for First Day Hooray

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books Language Companion

The Kissing Hand Book Companion

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books Language Companion

Back To School Splat Book Companion

Back To School Rules With David Goes To School For Early Special Education

If You Take A Mouse To School

Pout Pout Fish Goes To School Literacy Unit

Organizational Tools For Your Speech Room

2018-19 SLP Planner: Monthly and Weekly

Handy SLP Editable Forms for Attendance, Accommodations, & Scheduling

Back To School SLP Organization Pack

FREE Speech & Language Therapy Attendance Form for SLP’s 2015-16

Weekly Editable Data Sheets for SLPs FREEBIE

Handy SLP Editable Forms for Attendance, Accommodations & Scheduling

Speech & Language Therapy Explanation Handouts for Parents & Teachers

Back To School SLP Checklist FREEBIE

Special Education Planner- Bright Colors & Black & White

Editable SLP Planner FREE yearly updates

Organize Your Speech Files

SLP Planner

SLP Workload Forms FREEBIE Lesson Plan Data Forms

Speech Language Pathology Organization Packet 2015-2016

Editable Forms for Back to School

Editable Planner-Binder: Covers & Forms for SLP’s & Special Education Teachers

Speech Therapy Schedule Notices for Teachers FREE

Speech Therapy Schedule Let Teachers Know When Students Have Speech FREE

Speech Therapy Session Notes- Quickly & Easily Keep Parents Informed

Super Planner

Seven Keys For A Successful School Year FREE

The First Year Templates For CF Supervision FREE

Editable Monthly Newsletter Templates

IEP Quick Sheet FREE

Speech & Language Therapy Explanation Handouts for Parents & Teachers

Speech & Language Homework Resources

Speech & Language HW For A School Year

A Year of Speech & Language Homework Calendars BUNDLE

Speech Therapy Homework For Similar Sounding Words

Articulation Homework Packet 15-16 School Year

Weekly Speech Therapy Homework

Speech & Language BUNDLES

Seasonal Speech & Language Craftivities BUNDLE for your whole caseload

The ULTIMATE Speech Therapy Bundle for Back To School

Back To Speech NO PREP Activities

Back To Speech BUNDLE Speech, Language, Literacy Articulation

SLP Progress Monitoring Tools Complete BUNDLE

Speech Therapy Rubrics BUNDLE For Data Collection Progress Monitoring

School Based SLP Paperwork Bundle

Back To School Speech & Language BUNDLE

Bundle of 300 Exit Slips For Articulation Language & Social Skills

Back To School Speech Therapy BUNDLE


Hope this helps you with planning and getting ready for an amazing school year! PS. I update this post yearly to reflect any new resources that I create or find along the way.

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