It’s the holiday season and lots of parents, aunts, uncles, grandma’s, papa’s are in search of great, quality toys for their loved ones. I have 10 toys that promote speech and language development that are under $10! Finding toys under $10 that promote speech and language development can be tough and many of are on a budget!  The best toys that promote speech & language development are most often toys that have NO batteries and don’t require game systems.

10 toys that promote speech and language development

I put together a list of 10 toys under $10 that promote speech and language development that you can share with parents or grandparents……or just buy for your own therapy Sometimes you don’t have to break the bank to find a wonderful toy!

picture sequencing gamePicture sequencing works on so many language skills and this is in the form of a game for under $10 on amazon!!

create a scene These create a scene sets are under $10 and they are fabulous for targeting themed vocabulary as well as story telling and creating grammatically correct sentences.

Play-Doh-Ice-Cream-Sundae-Cart--pTRU1-16548269dtKids love playdoh and it is great resource for targeting pretend play.  This can be a great activity to work on turn taking and asking/answering questions peers about what they would want on their ice cream cones.

melissa and doug resusable picture scenesThese are the coolest stickers because they are reusable!  Perfect for describing and story telling.

dog popperThese popper toys come in all sorts of fun characters!  They are perfect for working on turn taking, and teaching cause/effect. For your younger students, they can request and comment with this toy.

Uno is one of my favorite games to play!  It helps work on executive functioning skills such as planning ahead, memory, sequencing steps, impulse control and flexibility to change your plan.  I also love to teach social skills with this game and how to joke/make comments about wanting to beat the player.

sleeping queens gameI just bought this game because it seems so fun!!  Students can build memory and strategy skills with this game as well as practice addition and subtraction.  I love that the cards are colorful, so I could have students describe the cards using adjective.


I hope I am not the only one that considers books toys! National Geographic books are awesome for starting discussions and learning new vocabulary. Kids love the real pictures and learn so much from these books!


Crocodile Creek has amazing colorful puzzles that are easy for travel.  Puzzles help with executive functioning skills, but it is also great for working together (social skills).  You can describe the puzzle after you put it together and also have students request puzzle pieces!

indexI don’t know many kids that don’t like to play with cars.  This road tape is super cool and you can use it anywhere on the floor!  Lots of language with cars….go, stop, crash, move, slow, fast and many more core vocabulary!

What great finds have you found?  I would love to know any deals for toys, so please share with me!!