Who said bulletin boards were just for classroom teachers?  Speech therapy bulletin boards can add function and color to your room! Back when I first started my career, making my room “cute” and “color coordinated” wasn’t really my thang.  I often had office rooms that  shared with psychologists or RSP teachers or I was stuck in a small box in the cafeteria that didn’t really scream “decorate” me!  Not to mention that one year, I covered lots of charters, so I was driving around a lot delivering services in the cafeteria, storage closets, the library…shall I go on?

speech therapy bulletin boards 1

Now, I love using speech therapy bulletin boards in my rooms.  I work at sites that have a room JUST.FOR.ME. and they have great wall space. They aren’t the biggest rooms in town, but it’s all mine with storage space (this girl knows she has it good).

How To Stay Inspired & Get Ideas For Speech Therapy Bulletin Boards

Pinterest is a great way to get ideas for your next speech therapy bulletin board. If you need functional speech therapy bulletin board ideas, come follow speech therapy bulletin boards and decor pinterest board. You can also join speech pathology facebook groups and ask for suggestions. Or you can search “speech therapy bulletin boards” in the group and see what others may have already posted for ideas.

speech therapy bulletin boards for school based SLPs

When I create a bulletin board for my speech room, I try to think of something that can stay up all year long. It has to help me with teaching goals too. If you still don’t know what bulletin boards you might like, then look at your caseload. See what re-occurring goals you are going to be targeting. What visuals could you put up to help with those goals? Or ask yourself, what systems or procedures do you want to stay consistent with during the year? That could be a bulletin board! You could make a visual schedule or rules bulletin board to go over before starting every session. Or have a data or goal bulletin board that students have to look at their goal or progress.

speech therapy bulletin boards

When administrators, teachers or parents walk in, they get to see a glimpse of where the speech students go each week. By using functional speech therapy bulletin boards you are also showing your staff all the amazing areas of speech and language you cover! Here are some tips when you are creating bulletin boards!


speech therapy bulletin boards

Buy a fabric instead of using paper as your background.  It won’t fade or rip, so you can use it year after year!  Using a double border also helps with making your bulletin board stand out. I used push pins on the bulletin board to hang my Interactive Articulation Flip Books for easy access. I added FREE question posters above my bulletin board for a visual reference that you can download from Primary Punch HERE.

This year, I did not use a specific theme like “summer” or “jungle”, which makes it much easier for shopping for decor!

Social Skill Bulletin Boards To Review Vocabulary & Concepts

speech therapy bulletin boards

Help build awareness about all the fabulous areas we work on, so when parents and/or teachers enter our room they can see the skills we target. This social skills bulletin board is perfect for reviewing social skills and also showcasing skills we work on outside of articulation. If you love these visuals, you can download them for FREE by clicking the yellow button below.
Click Here to Download

speech therapy bulletin boardsWork on zones of regulation using paint chips and then post them in your room!  It can be a visual reminder for students and show administrators/teachers/parents some of the skills you are working on.  If you need more therapy ideas for Zones of Regulation, read more about how you can implement the curriculum in therapy HERE.

Visually Display Wh-Question Words


speech therapy bulletin boardsUse wall space to aid as visuals that you can reference when teaching a lesson! Click on the photo above to get these FREE visual posters from Sublime Speech.

Vocabulary Bulletin Board Ideas

speech therapy bulletin boards

The Speech Bubble SLP has this very functional speech therapy bulletin board for working on inferencing!  I love it because you can keep it up all year and target inferencing as a warm up during each session.

speech therapy bulletin boardsI use my Describe It! Bulletin Board to target vocabulary and describing items by attributes.  It is something I can hang up once and use ALL year long.

speech therapy bulletin boardsHere is another great way to display vocabulary each week using Natalie Synders High Stakes Testing Vocabulary Builder for 1st-4th grades. I saw this on instagram and SNAGGED it!  I just need to find some space in my room to assemble all of this.  Therapy is a lot easier to plan with this bulletin board idea!

Articulation Bulletin Board Ideas

speech therapy bulletin boardsI love this Artic Word Wall from Nicole Allison!  It adds color to the speech room and can be functionally used for your artic students.  Not to mention that they include Fry sight words, so it is totally common core aligned!

speech therapy bulletin boardsUse your wall space to show student’s progress!  I used data sheets from Speech Therapy Organization and Data Planner and let my students graph their progress each week. I did this with most of my articulation students, but you can do any goal! It helps them to see how they are doing!  Sublime speech also has a FREE data graph in her SLP Starter Kit.

Do YOU have a fantastic speech therapy bulletin board in your speech room?!  Email me a picture at fe*********@th*****************.com, so I can feature your ideas in an upcoming blog post!!