Sometimes we need a speech therapy gift guide with SLP accessories to help us enjoy the job, right!?

In this blog post, I wanted to share a list of SLP accessories that would be nice to have during the workday.

You can send this speech therapy gift guide of SLP accessories to your spouse or family or use it for grad student gifts.

I put together a list of SLP accessories necessary to make the day brighter or help you stay organized.

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Speech Therapy Gift Guide – SLP Accessories for the Car

On the hunt for a speech therapy gift guide for SLP accessories? This blog post has all the best ideas for stocking stuffers for SLPs

Most SLPs have a commute, and they bring LOTS of bags, at least I do!

One way to brighten your work commute is by having some fun audible books to listen to while driving.

Get your favorite SLP an audible subscription, so they don’t have to miss out on books because they are too tired to read in the evening.

We love having our cups for their beverages that fit in their console in the car. You can get this two-pack glass tumbler in various colors for iced tea, coffee, or electrolyte water. 

Grab these car hooks, so you can hang your bags nicely behind your seat instead of throwing them in your trunk.

A utility tote can help you carry all your stuff in one load. You can stick your lunch box, laptop bag, speech therapy materials, and water bottle inside!

Stocking Stuffers SLP Accessories for Coffee Lovers

On those days when just ONE coffee isn’t enough, it’s nice to have some yummy coffee beverages and accessories to make in your speech room.

Who hasn’t had their cup of coffee go cold because you ran to the copier before the bell rang and then forgot to drink it because your first group arrived?

If this is you, you need this coffee warmer for your office!

Add in a tea kettleinstant coffee, and some chagaccino, and that’s quite the stocking stuffer collection.

Chagaccino is a coffee booster that tastes yummy, and sugar-free, and is a superfood mushroom powder that boosts your immunity and helps your brain function. Use DRINK UP at checkout for 10% off your order. 

On the hunt for a speech therapy gift guide for SLP accessories? This blog post has all the best ideas for stocking stuffers for SLPs

If you are on the lookout for a tote bag, Amazon has some cute and functional options. 

SLP Accessories for Your Devices

Many SLPs use their smartphones and iPads or have workstations for their computers. Here are some cool tech SLP accessories that you might love:

Cord organizer for your desk, car, or home

Leather desk mat/mouse pad

portable Monitor is a game changer when you want to have two screens for teletherapy when doing paperwork and need to see two tabs simultaneously.  

Kids touch our screens all the time, so having a screen cleaner with a wiper is excellent!

Use an iPad/iPhone stand holder to help your posture when texting, and have your hands free when using the iPad with students.

Small portable phone chargers are great because we often sit in meetings and need our phones to stay charged all day. 

Get a KiwiCo Crate for Your Own Kids

Toy Ideas for Your Kids or Speech Room

Do you have something you use at work that you love? In the comments, share something to add to the speech therapy gift guide for SLP accessories! If you are on the hunt for some toy ideas, sensory toys and tools are great to have on hand. Developmental toys are nice to have for the different ages you serve or recommend to parents.