Sometimes, all the caseload management tasks come to a head as a school-based SLP. At certain times of the year, everything is due at once for you. Increased assessments and IEP meetings, progress reports, new student transfers, and Medicaid billing due around the same time leave NO time for speech therapy planning. In this Real Talk SLP podcast episode, I will share three easy speech therapy activities for your mixed groups to help you do effective therapy during those seasons of burnout. 


Hopefully, you will walk away from listening to this episode with fresh, easy speech therapy activities that you can use with various ages and goals on your caseload.

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Easy Speech Therapy Activities Using YouTube Videos

When things are bananas, pulling up a wordless short video or science video to cover speech and language goals is a low-prep speech therapy activity that keeps kids engaged.

Check out the spring-themed YouTube videos for a free download or using spring Simon’s Cat videos.

Here are a few of my favorite videos to use during spring or any time of the school year:



Simon’s Cat Speech Therapy Cheat Sheets


Want to take the guess work out of using Simon’s Cat videos with your mixed speech and language groups? I got you covered! Use these Simon’s Cat speech therapy cheat sheets all school year long. There are 3-page lesson plan cheat sheets so you can cover a variety of language goals.  Grab the year-long bundle HERE. If you want to learn more about how to use Simon’s cat videos in therapy, check out this blog post.

Books Help Plan Low-Prep Speech Therapy Activities

When you have mixed groups, you often target 3-4 goals in one group. That’s a LOT! And, it prep individual lessons or having flashcards for every goal can be expensive or time-consuming.

 So, when you have to grab something and go into therapy, pick a book! You can use the pictures and text to cover many speech and language goals.

 In this spring speech and language activities blog post, I share a LOT of spring books to use with preschool through 5th grade. 

Ashley Rossi also has a cool feature on her website that you can search for books based on speech sounds, language goals, narratives, etc.


Themed Therapy SLP Membership


Need book cheat sheets that help you with pre-selected targets for speech and language goals for your themed units? Join the Themed Therapy SLP Membership, where we provide book cheat sheets for every theme and story maps too. Let someone else take lesson planning off your plate for your Prek-5th grade caseload.

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