If you have students on your speech therapy caseload with language disorders, particularly with areas of need in vocabulary development, you can improve vocabulary skills by implementing a coaching model in the classroom setting. Oftentimes SLPs serve students in a pullout model to work on language goals. But, what if you did pullout sessions paired with a weekly or monthly coaching model to help teachers use iconic gestures while reading picture books to their class? In this episode of the Real Talk SLP podcast, I break down iconic gestures as an easy strategy to help students improve their vocabulary skills.

What You Will Learn About Iconic Gestures in This Episode:



  • What are iconic gestures?
  • Examples of different types of iconic gestures
  • Why pair iconic gestures with vocabulary words is such an easy and powerful strategy for vocabulary building
  • Discuss the importance of vocabulary development for academic success
  • Explain how iconic gestures can help reinforce vocabulary and comprehension
  • Tips for how you can implement a coaching model in the classroom