If you work with preschool and early elementary, planning a penguin lesson plan for your speech therapy sessions is a must for the winter months. Usually, teachers are doing a penguin preschool theme in the winter season. Planning a penguin preschool whole-class lesson for co-teaching in your self-contained classroom can be a great way to reinforce the vocabulary and skills that the classroom is doing. You can also use these penguin activities for your small groups.

Books for Your Penguin Lesson Plan

An engaging penguin lesson plan for your speech therapy push-in sessions.

Typically, when you plan a co-teaching lesson, you want to pick materials that will be part of your core teaching content. Using a penguin-themed book on the carpet is a great way to plan the foundation of your push-in lesson. As you read the book on the carpet, pair it with shared book-reading strategies and iconic gestures. Not only are you providing effective strategies for building vocabulary and other language skills, but you are also modeling for the staff in the classroom. Here are some penguin book suggestions for the preschool and kindergarten ages:


Themed Therapy SLP Membership Makes Planning Lessons Easier

When planning themed therapy activities for your Prek-5th grade caseload, overwhelm immediately sets in as you try to find engaging materials to use with your students.

You either become burnt out trying to prepare lessons or feel lost with how to cover all the speech and language goals.

To make themed therapy planning easier, join the Themed Therapy SLP membership. We take lesson planning off your plate so you can enjoy doing therapy. Check out the January and February months with a penguin, arctic animals, space, community helpers, friendship, and baking themes for your preschool and elementary caseload.

Penguin Lesson Plan Movement Activities for the Carpet Time

After you read the book with the class, use the teacher’s SMARTboard to do an interactive song or movement break. The kids can stay on the carpet before transitioning to table station activities. Here are some fun penguin songs:

We have Google Slide presentations in the Themed Therapy SLP membership, and the penguin push-in language lesson plans also have Google Slides with links to penguin songs, videos, and activities to do on the SMARTboard. 

Another quick activity you can do after reading the penguin book is to use a penguin printable or plush penguin to work on basic concepts with the kids on the carpet. Some other fun movement activities could be verb charades doing penguin verb actions such as waddle, dive, eat, slide, etc.

Get ideas for penguins preschool speech therapy push-in lesson

Station Activities for the Penguins Preschool Theme

Get penguin speech therapy activities for your push-in lesson plans

When co-teaching, you want to utilize all the adults in the room to maximize small-group instruction.

If you have instructional aides, you can break students into three groups and have one to two teachers as floater teachers.

Otherwise, you can do one tabletop activity and have students at tables with similar goals, students who get along or based on levels of scaffolding.

Penguin Speech Therapy Station Activities for The Push-In Lesson

Use a sensory bin using the penguin-themed verb and vocabulary flashcards from the Themed Therapy SLP membership for your first penguin station. You can work on conversational recasting verbs, describing vocabulary by attributes, increasing MLU, answering wh-questions, and more. another penguin sensory bin option is to make icebergs and use penguin figurines to work on various articulation and language goals.

Easy penguin push-in lesson plan for busy SLPs

Station #2 Penguin Activity to Work on Basic Concepts

Plan a preschool language activity with penguins to work on basic concepts

Use a plush penguin to work on basic concepts with a plastic egg and styrofoam. You can cover basic concept pairs on/off, near/far, together/apart, in front/behind, and between/next to. With the penguin props, you can also work on “where” questions for the egg and penguin. What other goals could you cover with these props?

Station #3 Story Retell With the Penguin Book

With your penguin book, have your students work on story retell and comprehension. If you need visuals and extension activities for penguin books, the Themed Therapy SLP membership provides book cheat sheets, story maps, and companion activities. Use the pictures in the book to review the story elements, vocabulary and answering wh-questions.

Plan an engaging push-in lesson using Tacky the Penguin book

Additional Penguin Activities for Preschool & Elementary

Get penguin speech therapy activities that you can use for push-in

 When planning new push-in lesson plans, continue using the penguin theme for at least another week or a month. You can continue to plan engaging penguin-themed activities by switching out activities. Follow this similar framework each week, but instead of doing the story retell station, do a penguin craft or play the game Don’t Break the Ice. Keep some elements from your previous lesson to create consistency, but add in one new activity to make it feel novel. Or, the following week, don’t do three stations, but have every table do one activity.


Use these penguin speech therapy ideas to give you more inspiration for what to plan. As always, if you ever need ideas, reach out on social media @thedabblingspeechie or email me at fe*********@th*****************.com