In this Real Talk SLP podcast episode 108, I share the top toys for teaching CORE words open and closed in your play-based speech therapy sessions. We want versatile toys when picking toys for our preschool and elementary caseload! That’s why the toys I recommend can work on AAC CORE words for open and closed and other speech and language skills.

Why Teaching the CORE word Open & Closed Are Effective in Speech Therapy

I am sharing some of my favorite toys to teach the CORE words open and close. We know that kids love hands-on learning and using toys. Training the core words open and close are great word pairs to teach in therapy for various reasons.

First, it’s easy to visually show the word pairs in play, especially if you use some of the toys I recommend later in the show.

Secondly, coaching parents to model and work on these words during daily routines and in-play activities is feasible for their busy schedules. For example, you can teach how to open/close the door, a snack container, a toy item, and the clothes drawer.

Thirdly, open and close can be paired with other nouns, so if you want to help a client begin using 2-word utterances, being able to communicate open or close can later be paired with nouns, such as open box, open door, etc.

The best toys to teach AAC CORE words open and closed in speech therapy

Toy Companion Cheat Sheets for Play-Based Speech Therapy

If you enjoy using toys in your play-based speech therapy but struggle with adapting the toy for different speech and language goals, these toy companion speech therapy cheat sheets are for you! And, if you need help with coming up with targets on the spot, you can reference the toy cheat sheet while working with your clients. We provide wh-questions, at least 24 verbs to use with the toy, tier II vocabulary words, basic concepts, articulation sound words, adjectives, and ten ways to use each toy or game to target therapy skills. Grab your free bubbles toy companion cheat to try these cheat sheets in your play therapy sessions. 


Speech and Language Toys Shared in This Podcast Episode for CORE Words Open and Closed

Get the best toys for teaching open and closed to help build vocabulary in preschoolers.

In this episode, I shared about different sets of toys to teach CORE words open and closed. Here is a round-up of the resources and blog posts I mentioned (Amazon affiliate links are provided for your convenience):


What Toys Do You Use to Work on Word Pairs Open and Closed?

Get toy ideas for teaching open and close for the CORE word of the week.

If you have an engaging toys that you love to use to teach the AAC CORE vocabulary for open and closed, please share in the comments. SLPs are always looking for toys that can work on speech and language skills in a hands on way!