In this episode of the Real Talk SLP podcast we are chatting about 5 things you can do to get stuff done for your speech therapy caseload. We manage a LOT of students in the school-based setting, which means we don’t just do speech therapy sessions. Just to list a few of our speech therapy caseload tasks, SLPs are responsible for attending IEP meetings, taking in new speech referrals, billing Medicaid, writing therapy logs, collaborating with staff on implementing the IEP and doing progress reports for the student’s IEPs. We are juggling so many things that it can quickly get overwhelming. That’s why this episode is all about how to help you manage your day better so you can leave work knowing the important tasks got done.

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Stressed About Planning Speech Therapy Sessions?

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In this episode of the Real Talk SLP podcast we talked about these 5 things you can do to get stuff done for your speech therapy caseload:

Get practical tips for managing your speech therapy caseload.
  1. Write down what you will do your entire day with strategies like writing must dos vs. may dos. You can use this free weekly Google Doc editable speech schedule to write in what you will be doing during your week outside of therapy groups.
  2. Block off time for those caseload management tasks where you do not fill that time with potential meetings or therapy groups.
  3. Look ahead at least three months. Map out all your IEPs, assessments, etc., so you know what is coming
  4. Make cheat sheets to check off the steps of big tasks. For example, write out all the steps you need to do for your progress reports so you know where you left off. With your assessments, checklists for booking a translator, calling parents, etc. 
  5. Have systems specifically for your speech referrals and other things that take time.

Checklists & Tools for Staying Organized With Your Week

Here are some tools for writing down your most important word tasks and helping you stay focused with your speech therapy caseload: 



What tools or systems do you use to help you with managing your speech therapy caseload? I would love to hear what you use or do! Email me at fe*********@th*****************.com

Use these tips to improve your speech therapy organization with caseload management tasks.

EP.109 5 Things to Help You Get Stuff Done With Your Speech Therapy Caseload

by The Dabbling Speechie