Trying to get those 100+ trials during articulation therapy can be hard! Student motivation and mixed therapy groups can make it tough to get high repetitions. For myself, I need new ideas to keep it fresh and fun for ME! Telling a student to “say it again” in several articulation sessions can feel redundant. So, I have lots of articulation ideas that will get high repetitions to keep things productive for all parties involved.
articulation therapy ideas that will get high repetitions

Here are some fun ideas to get those 100+ repetitions in articulation therapy!

Articulation Ideas That Will Get High Repetitions
Articulation ideas that WILL get high repetitions

This DIY ZAP IT game is perfect for getting high repetitions.  My students stay motivated the entire session.  Write different numbers on popsicle sticks (make sure you put some high numbers like 10 and 15).  Then, write zap a friend, zap 1, zap 2, etc.  Stick the popsicle sticks in a bucket and have students pick a stick. If they pick a 15, they get 15 points and they have to say their speech sound 15 times.  The person with the most points wins the game! HERE is a rule guide that you can print and reference during therapy.

articulation ideas that will get high repetitions

I use my articulation interactive flipbooks to keep my students engaged while I am getting high repetitions.  Plus, it is easy for me to take data on their performance.  Try my /l/ flipbook for FREE.

diy abacus for speech therapy

Keep hands busy during articulation practice using a DIY abacus!

Adapting Games To Get High Repetitions In Articulation Therapy

articulation ideas that will get high repetitions

Find games like Uno to use during articulation therapy. Play the game as the rules intended, but whatever card the student lays down, that is how many times they have to practice their speech sound.  If the student gets a draw 4, make them practice 20 productions!  Get creative with your “speech rules” for practicing during this game.

articulation ideas that will get high repetitions

You can use a Toss Across Game (amazon affiliate link included) to get high articulation repetitions. Use post it notes and write numbers on the X’s and O’s. When the student throws the bean bag and hits an X or O, they have to say their articulation sound that many times.

Race To 100 game is a great way to get 100 productions and keep the session energy up! Put my Race to 100 game card in a plastic protective sheet or laminate.  Grab a die (make your own with a wooden block, so you can add high numbers like 8, 10, 12, 15) and start rolling!

Click Here To Download The Race To 100 Game TemplateClick Here To Get The Race To 100 Game Template


articulation ideas that will get high repetitions

Want seasonal versions of this game? Just click the yellow button below to grab those! Click Here to get the seasonal Race To 100 Game

articulation ideas that will get high repetitions

Articulation Foldable Wallet Books craftivity are a fun way to keep hands busy during the session.  Students can practice each word 5x and that makes a total of 105 productions with this craftivity.  What I love about this activity is that it can also be sent home for additional practice!  Try my final s-blends & l-blends wallet books for FREE.


The Articulation Challenge is something I do with my speech students that like a little competition.  I use my digital counters, my timer on my phone and my articulation flashcards for this activity.  I tell my students that I am going to set the time and we are going to see how many productions we can get in 3 minutes.  Then, I have them just start drilling.  When the timer beeps, we check our score!  Usually my students will see that they got well over 100 productions and will want to try again to see if they can beat their score. It is perfect for my 4th and 5th grade boys that like competition! My SH, CH, DJ, TH flashcards are FREE in my store.

These are my articulation ideas for getting high repetitions in therapy while keeping the FUN going. Next time, I am going to show you ideas for getting more repetitions at the sentence and conversational levels.  Hope this was helpful!!

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