Real Talk SLP episode 4

Real Talk SLP episode 4

In this episode of the Real Talk SLP, Felice interviews Whitney Smith from Let’s Talk With Whitney SLP. Whitney is a school based SLP who works with children from preschool to 5th grade.

During this interview, Whitney shares about why she uses curriculum based materials and themes in her therapy. Plus, she tells SLPs how she stays organized and tips on how to start using themes in therapy.

It was interesting to hear about how Whitney started using themes in therapy and how she plans her themes throughout the year.

We both share some therapy ideas and books to use with a winter theme. Whitney shared her favorite books and activities for winter. Felice shared a few ideas for winter themes to use with your middle school students.

Blog posts mentioned in this podcast episode:

Down on the farm – An example of how Whitney plans her themed therapy

Whitney shared how you can make themed boxes that she likes to refer to as “Therapy In A Box”. These themed boxes were how she first started using themes in her therapy room.

Whitney shared about her favorite theme using the ocean and beach with her students. Check out her book companions for this theme HERE.

If you need winter therapy ideas, Whitney shared about some favorite books and activities she likes to do.

Books Whitney mentioned:

Pierre the Penguin by Jean Morzollo

Felice shared some ideas for using a penguin sensory bin that you can read more about HERE (links in the blog post for where to get penguins).

Knut: How One Little Polar Bear Captivated the World by Craig Hatkoff, Juliana Hatkoff, Isabella Hatkoff and Dr. Gerald R. Uhlich

Here are more of her winter themed resources from her TPT store.

Winter themed activities for your upper elementary and middle school students using winter America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Real Talk SLP episode 3

In this episode of the Real Talk SLP, Felice interviews Hallie Sherman from Speech Time Fun. Hallie is a school based Speech Pathologist that primarily works with 5th and 6th grade students.

Because of her large caseload and not always having flexible time slots for seeing her students, Hallie has a lot of mixed groups.

Today, Felice and Hallie talk about why mixed groups can be tough and easy solutions to make lesson planning easier.

It is refreshing to know that school-based SLPs all struggle with managing mixed groups. Coming up with mixed group therapy ideas feels less overwhelming when you can brainstorm together!

Hallie shares about different resources she loves to use in therapy. At the end of the session, Felice and Hallie swap winter themed ideas for how to tackle mixed groups during the month of December.


Blog posts mentioned in this podcast episode:

Using Cheat Sheets To Make Mixed Groups Work

100 Trial Races To With Speech & Language Mixed Groups

Race to 100 game to use with Mixed Groups

Using Simon’s Cat videos in speech therapy

Video clips from the Elf movie is a great activity for social skills, language and more!

Using commercials in speech therapy to work on inferencing


Need more mixed group therapy resources? Hallie has a whole section of materials designed for mixed groups that you can access HERE.

Real Talk SLP episode 2

In this episode of the Real Talk SLP, Felice interviews Maureen Wilson from The Speech Bubble SLP. You can find her TeachersPayTeachers store at The Speech Bubble SLP and check out her blog for helpful therapy ideas and resources to help you be a confident SLP.

Maureen and Felice talk about the ups and downs SLPs face when working out in the field. Both Maureen and Felice are elementary school based clinicians. Both share real examples hard situations they deal with managing their caseloads.

During this episode, Maureen shares some ways that SLPs can chose to shift his or her mindset when these bumps in the road happen. We may not be able to change the current situation, but there are positive things we can do to maintain a healthy outlook about our jobs.

One of the books Maureen recommends is The Energy Bus by John Gordon

Discussed in this podcast:

Tips and strategies for finding being a Happy SLP –  7 Things Happy SLPs Do Differently

Some of the tips Maureen shares about how to find happiness in the job are how to be positive, embracing imperfection and how to set boundaries at work. Maureen also discusses that asking for help is a sign of strength as an SLP.

Real Talk SLP episode 1

All About My Very First Speech Rooms

Over the years I have heard a lot of interesting stories about the rooms speech pathologists are given. For my very first episode, I thought it was only fitting to share about my first speech rooms (yes, it is plural). Starting my CF year, I covered two sites and had some very interesting speech rooms. Listen to my story and advice for SLPs that may be in the same boat I was during my CF year. Although, my speech rooms weren’t ideal my first year, it has helped me have a perspective shifts when I have received a new assignment and new speech rooms.


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