Real Talk SLP episode 15 – The Climb

Doesn’t it feel like our jobs as speech pathologists are an uphill battle? Do you have seasons that you just feel like all you do is fail as a clinician?

In episode 15, I share a tale from my life to help be a better SLP. I like to call it “The Climb” story. For those of you that have been feeling the stress and let downs of the job we do as SLPs, I hope my story and takeaways help shift your mindset with the roadblocks and failures you face in the trenches.

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Real Talk SLP episode 14

In this episode of the Real Talk SLP podcast, I am chatting with Mandi Schaumburg all about Boom Cards and how to use them to engage your students.

With the school year coming up fast and schools having to do a mixture of models because of COVID-19, SLPs need materials that are versatile in any setting. Mandi is sharing all her tips and tricks for using Boom Cards in therapy.

You will want to leave this episode ASAP and start playing around with Boom Cards after you hear about her tips for keeping kiddos engaged!

You can find all of Mandi’s Boom Card resources in her Panda Speech TPT store: Panda Speech TPT:

Facebook Groups to learn about digital materials:

Blog Post from The Whimsical Word about navigating Boom Cards:

Favorite FREE Boom Cards mentioned in the podcast:—freebie-KgDCG8pnBTRoGkcTK

More FREE Boom Cards you will love for your caseload:

Real Talk SLP episode 13

Real Talk SLP episode 13

If you have ever hummed Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” after you got some constructive criticism, then you are going to love this Real Talk SLP podcast episode.

Today’s guests are Sarah and Lisa, also known as “The Toolkit Girls.” They are the co-founders of the web-based app, “SLPToolkit” which is an amazing tool to help you streamline your progress monitoring, present level assessments, and daily data.

You can check it out here:

All of us jumped into doing speech therapy presentations and get real about what it is like behind the scenes of preparing for public speaking.

Let’s just say, I probably wasn’t going to win the award for “Most Likely to Be a Presenter at ASHA.” But, it’s amazing where things can lead to a field you are passionate about.

And, Sarah and Lisa are so passionate about helping SLPs, specifically, school-based SLPs have the tools and information they need to serve their students well. It’s always a fun conversation with these ladies.

If you didn’t know, Lisa and Sarah’s help run the and the annual summer webinar conference is right around the corner. You can signup and get 8 hours of practical PD while sitting poolside or in your PJs.

For just $24.99, you can get those 8 hours reported to your CEU registry. It’s quite the steal. Amazing PD that you can use Monday morning + free training? I call that an energizing experience you can’t pass up!

If you need some professional development in the area of push-in services, I have a CEU course with ABASpeech.

For those of you curious about my SLPSummit training on sensory bins, it is available on my YouTube channel.


Real Talk SLP episode 12

Have you ever thought about co-teaching virtually with your IEP team members? Today, I share about how my special education teachers and I are co-teaching virtually to help our students feel supported during distance learning.

It has been a really positive experience and I share why in this episode! If you have been feeling stressed out with techy issues, not sure how to get parents involved or just missing your students, this is a great way to plan some engaging lessons as a team.

By working as a team you can split up lesson planning to make the load a little easier, and you can prepare lessons that go with the activities your teachers are assigning.

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Real Talk SLP episode 11

podcast covers.jpg

Do you have students on your caseload that have a sensory processing disorder? Are you struggling with how to work with these students, so your sessions are productive?

Many SLPs serve students in the clinic and school settings that have sensory integration needs. It can be challenging to know how to intervene when a child isn’t paying attention, having constant movement, putting things in their mouths and struggling to get settled to attend to the therapy materials.

Sponsor: The Marshalla Guide is a great resource for SLPs working with students who have speech motor disorders or articulation deficits. It is 20% right now. Get an extra 5% off with code: dabblingspeechie

Today, I had on Allison Fors, a Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant who specializes in how to support students with sensory processing needs.

She shares the different types of sensory processing needs and some solutions for how to improve your sessions. You will love her practical ideas in this episode. 

We talk about what could be some signs that your student is exhibiting sensory processing needs, and what to do if you have concerns.

The best part about this interview is when we discuss all the ways you can help your students, so your therapy sessions are more productive!

For SLPs wanting easy to implement ideas for early intervention, Allison is your girl. Follow her at @speech.allisonfors


Allison is a speech and language, curriculum creator and has a whole FREE resource library for SLPs and SLPAs. Sign-up here:

Her blog has super helpful posts on this topic. Check them out here:


Real Talk SLP episode 10

As a school-based SLP, we have to assess and treat a wide range of speech and language disorders across many different ages. That is a tough job! It’s hard to stay up to date with best practices for treating all these areas especially when you haven’t had a lot of experience with specific treatment areas. So, when you get a student with a disorder that you aren’t as confident with treating, it can feel a bit overwhelming. In this episode, I talk all about how I pushed through treating a student with apraxia after not having a child with this type of disorder on my caseload (13 years in and this was my first case.) Even though I attended professional development over the years about apraxia, the information doesn’t really “stick” until you have a client/child to apply that knowledge into practice.

Sponsors: Get The Marshalla Guide for 15% off with the code: dabblingspeechie

This resource has everything you need to reference how to teach speech sound disorders and articulation deficits.

In the Indiana area July 18th? Come to a practical professional development with the Speech Retreat. Grab your ticket here and invest in your SLP skills. You will leave the training feeling more confident with how to run therapy groups because the day is jam-packed with practical therapy ideas you can do on Monday morning.

In this episode, I share all about how I stopped feeling overwhelmed and started moving into that confidence SLP zone. And, I shared some resources that will help you build your skills so that you can serve your students well that have apraxia. Here is a training a mentioned in the podcast episode that is free:

Childhood Apraxia of Speech by Edythe Stand 

Other Trainings:

PROMPT Training

Resources for Apraxia Therapy:

Bjorem Speech Sound Cue Cards

Kaufman Treatment Praxia Kit

Facebook Groups that can answer your questions:

Pediatric SLP

Dabbling with Speech Fun

Preschool SLPs

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